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5 Expats Kidnapped 66nm South Of Tema In Recent Piracy Incident

5 expatriates have been kidnapped after pirates hijacked a Ghanaian-registered tuna vessel, Atlantic Princess approximately 66NM South of Tema, Ghana.

The abducted crew are Korean, Chinese, and Russian nationals in the incident that took place on May 19, 2021.

Information gathered by Eye on Port was that the fishing vessel was approached and fired upon by a skiff boat with 8 armed perpetrators onboard. The vessel stopped and the armed pirates with AK 47 rifles boarded the vessel. The pirates upon getting onboard instructed the vessel to alter course further South East until they finally disembarked with the 5 kidnapped after spending about 6hrs on the vessel.

The pirates also rummaged the vessel and took away personal crew belongings including laptop, phones, money, and other valuables. There were no injuries to the remaining crew.

“They hit their gun on the head of my third officer. I could tell from their accent they are Nigerians,” the second officer of the vessel, Isaac Agyir said while narrating his ordeal.

The Tema Port Security Manager, Col. Emmanuel Nyante said the vessel has now been docked at the Port of Tema, with investigations ongoing.

“The Navy, National Security and Air Force have come together to make sure that they trace the whereabouts of the hostages,” he said.

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