67 Students From The Nigerian Armed Forces Staff College Visit Port Of Tema


Steps to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Ghana and Nigeria towards improved maritime security are ongoing.

67 students from the Nigerian Armed Forces Staff College have visited the Port of Tema as part of a study tour to boost information exchange with respect to trending security issues such as maritime security.

“The purpose of our visit is to research on topical issues affecting the African subregion. This year our theme is National Efforts towards Improved Regional Security,” Lt. Col. Musa, spokesperson of the group said.

Receiving the delegation, the Tema Port Security Manager, Col. Emmanuel Nyante educated the students on standard security procedures at the Port in mitigating internal and external security threats.

“The Tema Port is ISPS compliant,” he emphasized.

He also emphasized the importance of strengthened regional cooperation towards the fight against piracy that is bedevilling the Gulf of Guinea.

Principal Marketing and Public Affairs Officer at the Port of Tema, Lydia Tham, also underscored the adaptive measures adopted by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and its relevant health and security stakeholders in ensuring business continuity during the advent of COVID-19.

“Our health personnel go on board, equipped fully, to take specimen of ship’s crew for testing at anchorage even before the vessel is allowed to dock in the port,” she revealed.



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