AAC, CSIR partners to boost local rice production


The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has agreed to provide the Asian African Consortium (AAC) with scientific research to boost AAC’s rice project in Ghana.

At the MoU signing ceremony in Accra on Thursday April 27, 2023, the Chief Executive Officer of the AAC, Mrs. Adelaide Siaw-Agyepong expressed optimism of the collaboration of the two institutions stating that CSIR has an immense value to contribute in fulfilling the ACC’s objectives.

“AAC is excited with CSIR’s partnership which will help to boost the whole value chain in Ghana’s commercial rice production,” she emphasised.

“We are also aware of CSIR’s reputation for its unrivalled dedication to expanding global research and development reach,” she noted.

She stated that the Jospong Group of Companies is also dedicated to generating solutions and bridging gaps with the world’s most prestigious companies and organisations and that explains the decision to partner CSIR.

The signing of the MoU and exchange agreement marks the beginning of a partnership that will lead to numerous new cooperative research projects that create new synergies and enhance the economic and research value of both AAC and CSIR as well as value to the nation.

Per the agreement, CSIR will be responsible for facilitating AAC’s collaboration with various CSIR institutes across the country to depend research and development to societal challenges for economic growth and development.

It will also provide training, technical assistance and advisory services in research and development to AAC through science, technology and innovation and related issues..

This will be done by qualified and experience scientist of CSIR to provide research and project support for the various AACs funded projects.

The Director General of CSIR, Prof. Paul P. Bosu touching on the agreement, noted that, they will identify common areas of collaboration to address the overal mandate of the two parties.

And also develop a plan for collaborative operations between the two parties.

Again, the agreement will detail the scope and principles of engagement between the two parties.

The DG emphasised that “As the nation’s number one research institution, we welcome this vision and we are poised to to support with the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure that is available at CSIR”

In a brief remark, the Executive Chairman Jospong Group Dr. Joseph Siaw-Agyepong called on Ghanaians to rise up to the occasion and be part of the solutions.

He challenged the CSIR to support the initiative to help make Ghana self-sufficient in rice and ither crop production.

“The habit of importing (rice) must come to an end. If we join hands to produce and over produce the importers will have no choice than to accept what we have” he challenged all.

The CSIR is the foremost science and technology organization in the country.

The mandate of the CSIR in broad terms is to pursue the implementation of government policies on scientific research and development.

CSIR research programmes cover a wide range of activities in the following areas: Industry, Agriculture, Agro-processing, Fisheries, Forestry, Water Resources, Human Settlement Infrastructure, Environment, Health, Natural and Social Sciences


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