Ablekuma Agape/Gonse Hausa Chief Turbines New Cabinet

As part of efforts to improve the well-being of the people under his jurisdiction, the Hausa Chief of Ablekuma Agape/Gonse a suburb of Accra in the Weija-Gbawe Municipality, Emil Sheriff Adam on Saturday, November 5, 2022, turbined five (5) cabinet members to spearhead the activities of the palace.

They seek to also project their interests under the formidable and vibrant leadership of Emil Sheriff Adam who doubles as the representative of the United Nations on Chieftaincy Affairs.

The newly turbined members were mandated to join other cabinet members to coordinate the activities of the palace and also share ideas with the Chief towards the development of the Hausa community in Ablekuma Agape/Gonse.

Addressing the newly turbine cabinet members, the Greater Accra Zongo Chief, Sarki Dr. Yahya Hamisu Bako urged the newly cabinet members to desist from actions that will tarnish the hard won reputation of their Chief and the Palace but rather focus on positive things that will bring respect and honor to the Chief.

He called on them to live in harmony with others and respect each other’s views and opinion for the development of the people.

The Hausa Chief of Ablekuma Agape/Gonse admonished the newly turbine cabinet members to help champion the developmental initiatives of the palace and treat all people equal devoid of ones religion or belief.

He stressed that the turbine ceremony was not just for fancy but to further improve the activities in the palace as well as seek the well-being of the People of Ablekuma Agape/Gonse. He urged them to deepen the cordial relationship that exists between Muslims and Christians.

Source: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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