Accra Regional Police Command support Unlawful installation of Ga Mantse against Akropong Chiefs.


Pressure is mounting on government to ensure the arrest of persons who organized and carried out an installation of a Ga Mantse amid total disregard to the President’s Social Distance protocols as was done in the Akropong Chieftaincy installation incident.

It could be recalled that the Akropong Circuit Court has fined the four chiefs who flouted the law on public gathering and social distancing a total of GH¢48,576.

The four were arraigned before the Akropong Circuit Court presided by Her Lordship Arit Nsemo.

Their charges were failing to comply restrictions imposed as contrary to paragraph 1 subsection A of Executive Instrument 64 and Section six of the Restrictions of the Imposition Act 1012/2020.

Meanwhile, in a similar fashion, some people within the Ga Traditional setting led a similar activity to install one Dr Kelvin Tackie as Ga Mantse during the lockdown and flouting the law on public gathering and social distancing.

The Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzasetse, Nii Okai Awua II at a Press Briefing indicated that a group of people with the claimant of the Ga Mantse have defied the president directives, and violated the President directives on E.I 64 but have been left to move freely as if they are above the law.

He stated that on the very day the President announced the lockdown in March 21, 2020 the Gborbu Wulomo and some self-centered persons like Dr Kelvin Tackie started an induction ceremony at the Gborbu Wulomo Shrine in Nungua with some process of customary and traditional rites to confine Dr Kelvin Tackie to be installed as Ga Mantse.

According to Nii Okai Awua II because the action by the people was illegal, they decided to hide I order for them not to be exposed.

He made reference to the Justice V.C.R.A.C Crabbe report which indicates clearly that it was the turn of the Abola Royal Ruling House to nominate a person as per the customary law and usage for the position of GA Mantse.

He also averred that since the case involving the GA Mantse Stool is still pending in Court, nobody can lay claim to the Stool until the final determination of the pending Suits.

According to him, he has received several complaints that the claimant to the GA Mantse Stool, Dr Kelvin Tackie claims the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is well aware of his installation and for that matter, the police cannot arrest him nor his people.

“They even claimed they are superior than the Akropongs, that is why when the latter defied the President’s directive they were arrested and processed for Court. That is the highest level of impunity,” he said.
He revealed that on the day of the installation, he reported the case to the Kaneshie Police Command where a team of police personnel, the BNI and Defence Intelligence were dispatched to arrest the leaders but the leaders bolted when they got wind of their coming.

“It will interest you to know that I was invited on four seperate occasions that I should join them and that there was a huge cash sum of money for me which I vehemently refused and warned the Gborbu wulomo not to condone to these illegality but he joined them because of his selfish interest,” he said.

He noted that the whole incident was done with the full support of the Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, who led a team of personnel to assist the induction at the Ga traditional council with one of the police patrol pick up , with the inscription , ” Accra Regional Patrol” to support the unlawful induction ceremony. The regional command team failed to arrest and prosecute the leaders involved in the induction of the Ga Mantse but a similar ceremony that defiled the President directives by chiefs and people of the Akropong installation were arrested charged and put before court.

“The irony is that, the Commander sent men to arrest people who were installing a chief at the time the President directive on social distancing is still in force in Akropong, but this Greater Accra Regional Police commander in Accra rather offered protection, security for these self-seeking individuals in Accra to install a chief amid great disregard for the Covid19 social distancing protocols,” he said.

Nii Okai Awua II revealed that when he reported the involvement of his personnel in the installation of Dr Kevin Tackie, “The Regional commander asked me to prove my case with evidence, so I have a video with the police pickup vehicle, at the crime scene.” as evidence to justify my case.

He said, nobody is above the law, and for that matter the Greater Accra Regional police command must ensure justice is served in this matter if not, government will be doing a great disservice to the people of Akropong. he lamented.

He considered the installation of Dr Kelvin Tackie as an Insult to Ga Mashie, asking if “a King can be enthroned in secret and whether it is possible that the ruler of the Ga State, Landlord to the capital of Ghana, has to hide in Accra.” to be doing all these ceremony without other recognised important chiefs from both far and new and dignitaries of government.
He said by all standards, for the installation of a King like a GA Mantse, personalities like the Asantehene, President of the National House of Chiefs, President of the Regional House of Chief, the Okyehene, the Asofoatses, Queens and Queenmothers, the Wulomei and the Priesthood will be invited to grace the event and to witness the ceremony, but nothing of that happened.

“This is a clear case of an unlawful installation and all statement being made by the perpetrators that the President of the Republic of Ghana is aware and fully supporting their installation and induction of the said Ga Mantse is completely false. I strongly believe that, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana will not condone to such unscrupulous illegality and will ensure that untill His Excellency the President responds to the issues in question he will personally chase these perpetrators with the laws of the state against these act. I humbly pray to his Excellency the President to support me to ensure that there equality before the law to prevail on the face of justice for all.”


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