Ada Chief Accused Of Defrauding His Sub-Chief Ada Chief Accused Of Defrauding His Sub-Chief

The chief of Ada, Nene Tetteh Lanuer Okumo IV, (Dangme Biawe Wetsoyi) has been accused of defrauding his sub-chief (Nene Tettey Nyabu II) of Luhuor of a sum of gh¢40,000.

Sources indicated that the fraudulent act happened when Nene Tetteh Lanuer Okumo IV chaired a three member panel which included Nene Buertey Titrim Ozor III (Wetsoyi of Adibiawe Clan) and Nene Angmletey Kplevi (Ada State Linguist) to deliberate over a chieftaincy case pending before the Ada Traditional Council with the Title: (Nomo Etse Enoch Odorkor Nyabu Lawful Attorney of Nomo Emmanuel Nyabu Vrs Samuel Tetteh Ofoe).

Sources noted that Nene Tetteh Lanuer Okumo IV, as the chairman of the said chieftaincy case charged the sub-chief, Nene Tettey Nyabu II of Luhuor in Ada, an amount of GH¢40,000.00 unofficially and illegitimately aside the official payment the sub chief made to the Ada Traditional Council, in order to grant the ruling of the pending case in his favour.

Sources indicated that the chairman of the panel, Nene Tetteh Lanuer Okumo IV threatened the sub chief that he would do everything possible to give ruling against him should he refuse to pay the amount of GH¢40,000.00 being demanded.

Sources further indicated that Nene Tettey Nyabu II complied with his demand and paid the said amount of GH¢40,000.00.

It was revealed that on Sunday, 24th of December 2023, Nene Tettey Nyabu II gave GH¢15,000.00 to him through Asafoatse Assem Hlametse III in the presence of Nene Divine Obubuafo III and on Sunday, 14th of January 2024, Nene Tettey Nyabu II again gave the remaining balance of GH¢25,000.00 to NENE Tetteh Lanuer Okumo IV through Nene Divine Obubuafo III which amounted to Forty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢40,000.00.)

After collecting the final payment of GH¢25,000.00 on Sunday, 14th January 2024 in the afternoon, he (Nene Tetteh Lanuer Okumo IV) went ahead and gave verdict against Nene Tettey Nyabu II on Monday morning, 15th January, 2024.

Nene Tettey Nyabu II said several attempt demanding verbally and in written for the GH¢40,000.00 since he has failed or refused to honour his promise, after proved futile.

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