Ada Traditional Council inaugurates Queenmothers Consortium

The Ada Queenmothers Consortium is a new initiative established under the auspices of the Ada Traditional Council, with a specific focus on promoting the development of Ada from a feminine perspective. This initiative is a significant step towards empowering women in the Ada community and ensuring their voices are heard in the development process.

The Ada Traditional Council, led by Nene Agudey Obichere III Chairman of Ada Asafotufiami Planning Committee 2024 who doubles as the Mankralo of Ada State and three esteemed members – Asafoatsengua Buertey Okumko Obuapong IV, Nene Tetteh Lanuer Okumo IV, and Asafoatsengua Dabra V – has taken a proactive approach in setting up the Ada Queenmothers Consortium.

The Council has appointed three of its members to work closely with the Consortium, providing guidance and recommendations whenever necessary. This ensures a collaborative and inclusive approach to the Consortium’s activities.

This Consortium is going to operate as a sub wing under the Ada Traditional Council hence all queen mother’s in the Ada Traditional Area must join to be recognized by the Council.

The official launch of the Ada Queenmothers Consortium took place on May 30, 2024, at the Mcdan Sports Complex, coinciding with the 87th Ada Asafotufiami Festival.

The Consortium’s objectives include:

– Promoting gender-sensitive development initiatives in Ada

– Empowering women to take leadership roles in the community

– Providing a platform for women’s voices to be heard

– Supporting women-led projects and initiatives

– Collaborating with other organizations to advance gender equality

The Ada Queenmothers Consortium is poised to make a positive impact in the lives of women and girls in Ada.

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