Adamus Australia Takes Control of Adamus Resources in Ghana, Citing Court Order

In a bold move, Directors of Adamus Australia, backed by a court order, took control of Adamus Resources in Ezeama, Ghana, on Thursday morning.

The takeover came after repeated attempts to engage with workers were thwarted by government officials, led by the District Chief Executive (DCE): KWASI BONZO Ellembelle District Assembly intervening in a “Rambo-style” operation.

According to sources, the Directors of Adamus Australia had gathered at the plant site to peacefully transfer control to the court-appointed Interim Management Committee.

However, the DCE, KWASI BONZO, Ellembelle District Assembly accompanied by police officers, disrupted the process, sparking tensions.

The move is the latest development in an ongoing legal battle between Adamus Resources and Nguvu Mining.

Despite a court order establishing a 5-member Interim Management Committee to manage the company, Angela List and government officials had refused to allow the Committee to perform its duties.

An Adamus Australia Director expressed dismay at the DCE’s interference, questioning his motives.

“What is the motive behind the DCE’s involvement in a private company’s operations?” he asked.

The takeover is seen as a significant step in upholding the rule of law and ensuring the smooth operation of Adamus Resources.

The Directors and Interim Management Committee are committed to managing the company pending the final resolution of the legal battle.

Call to Action
Adamus Australia and the Interim Management Committee are committed to working together to ensure the smooth operation of Adamus Resources.

They urge the government to respect the rule of law and allow them to perform their duties without interference.

The company also calls on stakeholders to support their efforts to protect the interests of employees and the community.

“We are committed to transparency and accountability,” said Mr. Isaac Ackom. “We will work tirelessly to ensure that the company is managed in the best interests of all stakeholders.”

The incident has once again raised concerns about government interference in private sector operations and the need for respect for the rule of law in Ghana. It’s disappointing that the only explanation is corruption being conducted at the highest level. It’s time to stop this now.

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