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Apply Wisdom In All Endeavour – Minister Advises

The Central Regional Area Head of the Voice of the Lord Evangelical Church, Rev. Samuel Temeng has advised that it is prudent for every human being to apply Godly wisdom in whatever they do, as according to him, that is the most effective tool to success in life.

Speaking after a two weeks fasting and prayer by the Church, Rev. Temeng disclosed that majority of people have failed in businesses, marriages and other aspects of life because they failed to apply wisdom.

He said because of lack of the application of wisdom, instead of investing for their future, most people turn to spend unnecessarily on material things  that does not bring any benefits in their life.

He described women as the worst culprit of this practice, always wanting to acquire something new, and spending too much on their body to keep them young and beautiful.

Though he described that as appreciable, he however advice women to learn to keep at least a tenth of whatever they earn from their trade into investments, so as not to depend solely on their husbands, and also advice men to reduce the amount of money they spend on alcohol and other related items, and channel such monies into the education of their children.

In another development, the founder of the Overcomers Royal Sanctuary {the Armour of God Parish] in Agona Swedru, Apostle Joshua Kobina Darko Spokewell and the Gomoa Akropong branch miniser of the Holy Church of Bethlehem, Rev. Asare Ansah have advised ministers of the gospel to be mindful of their utterances whenever they mount the pulpit.

According to them, the pulpit is a place where God’s message is delivered to His people, and not a place where tribal seniments are shared.

Their advice follows recent demonstration by women from three ethnic tribes in the country, Ashanti, Fante and Ewe who were described by Bishop Badu Kobi as greedy, foolish and down trodden who do not deserve to be married.

His comment did not go down with Ghanaians including members of the Clergy, sparking massive condemnation from the public.

Though Apostle Spokewell and Rev. Asare Ansah admitted that the comments by Bishop Badu Kobi is unacceptable, he has however appealed to the public, especially people from the mentioned ethnic tribes to forgive the Bishop, as according to him, as humans, people are bound to make mistakes and offend others sometime in life, irrespective of one’s status .

By: Robert Ayanful

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