Atik Mohammed Remains Suspended As PNC Gen. Secretary – PNC

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has reiterated that Atik Mohammed remains suspended as the General Secretary of the Party.

According to the PNC, the decision to suspend Mr Mohammed was taken at a National Executive Committee meeting of the party following “widespread complaints of his incompetence and his disregard for his official duties” and since that suspension has not be reviewed by the party “he still stands suspended.”

The PNC in a statement signed by its acting General Secretary Jacob Amoako noted that it has been forced to reiterated Mr Mohammed’s suspension because the media and some other organisations and institutions for unknown reasons continue to engage, describe and acknowledge him as the General Secretary of the PNC.

The PNC condemns Atik’s call for the arrest of the national chairman of the party Mr Bernard A. Mornah for exercising his democratic right as enshrined in our constitution by virtue of freedom of speech.

According to the General Secretary, the sudden defense of the EC by Atik Mohammed is a clear testament to the wide views of the people who say Atik is contracted to defy his conscience in consonance to issues that bother on national interest.

“The fact that EC decided choosing attendees to IPAC for political parties, for that matter PNC and refused entry of the National Chairman is an indictment of the highest order and a breach of the political parties’ laws of Ghana. He Atik Mohammed was smuggled into the IPAC meeting instead the National Chairman. State Policemen as usual in heavy war like attitude and paraphernalia blocked the National Chairman from entry thru the orders of madam Jean Mensah and Mr Bossman according to the police,” he said.

He noted that Ghana is experiencing yet again, dark days of our republic and that it is experiencing the worst form of authoritarian administration in its brazen form

He also averred that Ghanaians would rise against the wastage of the meagre resources on a frivolous new voters register to maintain a non-performing president.

“We call on the Christian council to call the arrogant and barefaced EC to other on their disrespectful posture. We call on the Christian Council, Traditional Authorities, Civil Society Organisations, The media, and Concern Citizens of Ghana to call Jean Mensah and Bossman Asare led EC to order. The EC, if refuse to use common sense in the discharge of their duties, we the people of Ghana shall not accept their no sense. The PNC will not be cowed into submission and we shall resist any attempt by the christen political police to gag our national Chairman,” he indicated.

The Party is, thus, appealing to the Ghanaian public not to accord Mr Mohammed any courtesies bordering the position of the General Secretary of the PNC.

By: Prosper Agbenyega

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