Axcon Energy starts solar power plant construction at Appolonia City

Axcon Energy Limited has kicked off construction of Appolonia City’s first solar power plant, which will bring 5MW of renewable energy to homeowners and businesses within Greater Accra’s new city. The solar plant, located in Appolonia Industrial Park, provides additional capacity to Appolonia City’s dedicated power substation.

“The new solar plant will satisfy load growth and provide clean and reliable power for Appolonia City, especially for businesses in Appolonia Industrial Park,” said Pascal Siamey, CEO of Axcon Energy. “We are excited to be doing this in Appolonia City, because its well-structured utility delivery plan and commitment to renewable energy solutions are commendable.”
The solar power will be connected on the 11kV side of the dedicated 33/11kV substation within Appolonia City. The power will then be distributed to the homes and industrial clients through Appolonia City’s electricity distribution network. Appolonia City already receives supply from the national grid via a 33kv overhead line, serving a dedicated 60MVA primary substation. There will be further substations as the city grows.
Appolonia City CEO Bright Owusu-Amofah said, “Appolonia City’s first solar power plant is good news for our industrial and residential owners. One of our promises is to provide world-class utility services to our residents, and solar power will augment the existing reliable power supply within the city, present superior value to our residents and underpin our renewable energy strategy.”
Appolonia Industrial Park is a 200-acre zone within Appolonia City’s 2,325-acre development with high-quality infrastructure specifically engineered for light industrial uses. In addition to Axcon Energy, other local and international companies are also developing facilities at the park, including MainOne, Nickseth Construction, Alusynco, Crownhouse Construction & Logistics, PUMA Energy, and Total Ghana.

Appolonia City is a 2,325-acre (941-hectare) inclusive mixed-use new city in Greater Accra. A seamless live-play-work community, Appolonia City offers homes, offices, shopping, schools, healthcare and ample parks and open spaces. High-quality tarred roads, power, ICT, water and storm drains are already available at Appolonia City.
Appolonia Industrial Park is a 200-acre, modern warehousing, logistics and light industrial zone with world-class estate management services.

Axcon Energy Limited is a clean and renewable energy solutions expert. Axcon specializes in Design, Installation, and Maintenance of industrial electrical systems, without polluting the environment or depleting the earth’s limited resources.

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