Bolt Food Reaffirms Commitment to the Ghanaian Market Amidst Glovo’s Exit

Bolt Food, leading delivery platform in Ghana reaffirms unwavering commitment to its customers in Ghana, following Glovo’s recent announcement of its withdrawal from the Ghanaian market. As a leading food delivery platform, Bolt Food has reiterated that they are here to stay, dedicated to providing exceptional service and supporting local communities.

While Glovo’s departure may cause concern, Bolt Food has reassured its customers and couriers that operations will continue seamlessly.

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers and couriers experience the best possible service,” said Ali Zaryab, Country Manager for Bolt Ghana. “Our goal is to be the most reliable and affordable platform in Ghana. We believe in the potential of this market and are here for the long haul.”

Bolt Food is actively expanding its network, stating that they will announce the addition of several new restaurants to the platform, enhancing the variety of dining options available to its customers. This expansion not only broadens culinary choices but also supports local businesses and couriers in reaching a wider audience.

Since entering the Ghanaian market, Bolt Food has invested significantly in technology and infrastructure to provide top-notch services. “Our ongoing investments reflect our dedication to innovation and our confidence in the Ghanaian market’s growth,” added Zayrab.

“We will continue to ensure a positive impact on the local economy and community.”

Over the past three and half years, Bolt Food has allocated substantial resources to enhance our service offerings in Ghana. These investments have included upgrading delivery logistics, introducing new app features for better user experience, and expanding our fleet to ensure faster and more efficient deliveries. Bolt Food’s focus has always been on adapting to the unique needs of the Ghanaian market, and are committed to continuing this trend.

Bolt Food’s success in Ghana is attributed to our customer and courier-centric approach, regularly gathering feedback from customers to improve its services.

About Bolt

Bolt is a super-app with over 150 million customers in more than 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa (list of locations here). We offer a range of mobility products for different services and needs:
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