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Borders Of Nungua Stool Lands Outlined

The Paramount Chief of Nungua King Odaifio Welentsi III and his elders have through the Chief of Staff Mr. Frank Kofi Lewi issued a statement to outline all Nungua Stool Lands and to sternly caution illegal developers and encroachers alike.
These elders include Nii Alabi Djenge VI, Nungua Mankralo Nii Akwei Dankwah V, Numo Borketey Laweh Tsuru and the Gborbu Wulomo Nii Arku Efritete Nipanka IV
The Chief of Staff indicated that in their recent inspection report, it has become clear that some individuals have appropriated some stool lands to themselves whilst others also show documents which are forged and purported to have come from the Stool only for proper scrutiny to prove otherwise.
Mr. Lewi pointed out the Layouts of Nungua Stool Lands which included South West of Ashale Botwe, Nmai Djorn, New Nungua, Adjirigano and Okpoi gonno- Teshie Extension. The other Layouts includes Batsonaa, North Nungua, South East Nungua and New Nungua Extension.
The Chief of Staff emphasized that encroachers who are buying from land-guards and fraudsters around the areas which falls within the Stool lands should be very careful to ensure that they have the right documentations because “the Stool will not relax any longer and will embark on a vigorous investigation to expose all the fraudsters who are duping unsuspecting estate developers with fraudulent documents.”
Again, he stressed that “developers must first submit their land acquisition documents to the Traditional Council for validation before they can proceed further to develop the land.
He however warned that failure to do so will be interpreted as disrespect to the authority of the Stool and Council and an intention to commit fraud and the Council will be left with no choice than to take legal action against such persons who have failed to demonstrate appropriate legal ownership of the said lands on which they are developing.

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