Believers Must Project The Power Of God Over Afflictions – Prophet Patrick Amoako


The outbreak of global Pandemic Corona virus, has led many especially the youth into the claws of fear and panic. Media agencies all over the world have their news bullets circulating around covid 19.

This has left many people in thoughts as to the survival from this deadly virus. In line with this, Prophet Patrick Amoako has once again urged the body of Christ to hold on firmly to their faith in God. Speaking on Parliament Chapel online radio and TV, the Prophet highlighted the need for believers to turn a death ear to media reportage and concentrate on the promise of God. He reiterated that, believers should stop spreading fear among themselves by putting a stop to the broadcast of messages which spits death by the virus. He said ” We are in an era where believers have to project the power of God over afflictions and other devises of the enemy. We attract whatever we confess and believe, let’s maintain a positive spirit and trust in the word of the Lord to deliver and restore us in this dark moment.
Whose report are we believing now? Is it the report from the media about Covid19 ,America, 5G evil set up by China or Jehovah God, I mean the God of our fathers who has kept us alive all these years.
Let us have in mind that, the will and promises of God is stronger than anything we can ever imagine.
This is the time we have to rely on the word of the God like never since there is nothing new under this sun and anything happening now has happened before but in only the word of God together together with it’s solution.

Prophet Patrick Amoako has urged Christians especially the New Generation to rise up and denounce the spirit of fear and panic by the media. He has further cautioned believers to spread messages of hope in this moment of distress and anxiety.

“I also want to urge everyone of us to support one another in times like this since it’s not about self and more but all of us, do what ever you can in your own to help the poor , needy and destitute and the light of Yahweh will shine upon you and family”.

He further revealed that, Many companies will collapse after the pandemic but those who will heed to this prophetic instructions shall be exalted to the glory of Yahweh.

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