Destruction At Tse Addo Ad Astra Village – Top Politicians Fingered

Home buyers and owners in the Ad Astra Villa gated community in the Tse Addo construction site, have recently been faced with serious acts of attacks by some persons believed to be affiliated to high-ranking government officials, leading to a complete destruction of their properties.

Information gathered indicates that, on April 25, 2024, some persons believed to be land guards were led by Mr. Hampton, Tsotso, and Mr. Razak into the Tse Addo construction site of the company and forcibly evicted construction staff and proceeded to dismantle completed construction works.

This development brought to halt the huge investments being made into the construction of the housing units for potential buyers.

The exercise by these persons according to information was under strict supervision of the police, military, and national security, who led the land guards to barge into the premises and forcibly evicted construction staff after which they dismantled and destroyed all concrete foundations and pillars that have been erected for multiple houses under construction.

The company considering the significant financial loss petitioned the Greater Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Mr. Arhin Kwasi Annor over the disturbing incident.

The company through its lawyers, LAW GROUP, stated that the incident appeared to have its origin in a contentious dispute over the ownership of the land and noted that, Mr. Hampton, Tsotso, and Mr. Razak have IN June 2023, trespassed on the property prompting the intervention by law enforcement agencies.


“Regrettably, they failed to produce verifiable documentation substantiating their claim to ownership of the land, while our client was able to furnish incontrovertible evidence supporting their rights,” the lawyers stated in the petition.

These individuals, Mr. Hampton, Tsotso, and Mr. Razak subsequently returned onto the land in November with what the company described as “forged land certificate,” to halt ongoing construction work but despite these efforts, the company persisted in its operations.

The persistency of the intruders to illegally take over the property led to legal proceeding initiated before the Accra Land High Court.
It was evident in the petition that the Lands Commission launched investigations into the alleged fraudulent registration of the land title and produced a verification report to the company on March 19, 2024.

In spite of all these, Mr. Hampton-led group in flagrant disregard to the rule of law, refused to await the outcome of the ruling scheduled for May 2, 2024 and stormed the site in the company of some individuals holding themselves as national security personnel wantonly destroyed all structures erected on the site.

The company through its lawyers petitioned the Regional Commander to intervene and halt the ongoing unlawful damage on the land and to also initiate a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

However, following the petition to regional police command, a police team was sent to the site yesterday, Wednesday May 1, 2024 to arrest his (Mr. Hampton) workers on site.

The police team arrested the workers but just before police team left, Mr. Hampton showed up at top speed with siren to the site and threatened to kill the police.

He challenged the arrest claiming the land was his own land and the Police demanded he brings his documents or send same via a 3rd party to the regional command.

Mr. Hampton, who was acting on the authority from ‘above’ did not give a damn to the request by the police but rather, protested saying the land was his own and not even the president can take it from him.

He was violent towards the police who left the scene with the arrested workers and went back to regional command.

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