Duties are Charged in Cedis: GRA Sets Record Straight  

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has announced that duties and taxes imposed on imported vehicles are always done in Cedis and not dollars or any other foreign currency, contrary to speculations circulating in some media setups.

In an official statement signed by the Communication and Public Affairs directorate urging the public to disregard such claims, GRA outlined the process for calculating duties and taxes on imported vehicles.

According to the GRA, the calculation of import duties on the vehicles begins with determining the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) values from the country of origin.

These are quoted in international convertible currencies such as dollars, euros, pounds sterling and among others. Once the CIF value is established, it is converted into Ghana Cedis at the current exchange rate provided by the Bank of Ghana Exchange Rate.

According to management of GRA, duties and taxes imposed by the Customs Division are strictly in accordance with the Customs Act 2015 (Act 891). They assured the public that GRA is dedicated to their mandate of mobilizing revenue with integrity, fairness and transparency.

GRA urged importers with concerns about the calculation of the customs duties and taxes to reach out for assistance through various communication channels of the Authority. This includes email address, whatsapp on 0552990000 and 0200631664, toll free call number 0800900110.

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