Four Ghanaian nationals detained by Turkish officials at Istanbul Airport

ISTANBUL, Turkey – Four Ghanaian nationals bound for the United States have allegedly been detained by Turkish officials at Istanbul Airport since Wednesday, February 28, 2024. The individuals have reportedly been held in a small room without any explanation provided for the last four days.

According to Mr Emmanuel Quansah, a relative of one of the detainees, the Istanbul Airport authorities apprehended the Ghanaians during their transit through the airport. Shockingly, the detainees claim to have been denied access to food and water throughout the entire duration of their detention.

“The situation is dire, I understand that one of them is currently about to pass away because of the starvation” Mr Quansah added as he urgently reached out to The Ghanaian Standard news, revealing the harrowing circumstances faced by the detained individuals.

The affected Ghanaians are now issuing a distress call, urging the intervention of the Ghana Embassy in Turkey, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promptly address the situation and secure their release.

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