Fufu Communion Train Hits Akosombo Island On December 2-4


Fufu is a dough-like food found in West African cuisine. It is by far the favorite meal of the indegingous Ghanaian. In Ghana it is eaten with a very sumptuous Palm, Light, Groundnut and any hearty soup.

It is said that Fufu has low cholesterol, rich in fiber, potassium and resistant starch, which feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut and may help reduce inflammation and promote digestive health, and contains vitamin C.

To this end, Island 69, located in the Atimpoku – Adome enclave near Akosombo with a scenic view of the Adome Bridge has for almost a year developed an occasional event to celebrate the cuisine.

Fufu Communion 1.0 and 2.0 were organized successfully on the island where attendees
were treated to a three day different varieties of fufu (cassava, yam, plantain and coco yam).

Attendees also had on the menu various local Ghanaian dishes from banku, kokonte, kenkey, among others; but chief amongst the dishes was our all tribes-friendly Fufu.

Swimming, hiking, jams, movie night, tour on the Volta lake, among a few other events were organized to make attendees stay on the island fun filled.

This December the organisers are at it again with a bigger bang.

It’s another 3-day nonstop themed parties – with people from all over the globe expected to be in attendance to experience the rich and beautiful Ghanaian hospitality and its foods.

The event begins on Friday 2nd December and ends on Sunday 4th December. The organisers have put together special themed parties such as 90s Jam, All Black and Mask Soiree and an Island Beach Party .

Tickets purchased will cover all activities including boat ferry to and from the island, Parties, swimming, tent accommodation, hiking, boat rowing among a few other fun filled activities.

In the meantime all one needs to do is to give the organisers a call on +233 24 991 1888 visit the social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc on #island69 or #fufucommunion3 to make your bookings.

Fufu communion 3.0 has been well planned and arranged to serve as an opener into the Christmas season. Come let’s have fun as we network with people from across the country and outside. Akwaaba!!! Miawoezor!!!


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