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Gbetsile Stool Petitions Lands Commission

The Gbetseli Stool has petitioned the Lands Commission to look into what the Stool described as illegal grabbing of portions of Gbetseli lands by a self-styled regent of Apolonia, one Iddrisu Mansro and plotting the lands in the name of Apollonian.

The Gbetseli stool is asking the Lands Commission to expunge the plotting of the portion of the Gbetseli lands into Apollonia from the records as it is legally indefensible.

A petition chanced upon by this media organization which was filed on behalf of the Gbetseli Stool by Lawyer Prosper Xorla Nyahe of the Nyahe Law Consult, the Gbetseli Stool draws the attention of the Lands Commission to Iddrisu Mansro’s actions on the Gbetseli Stool lands and plotting same as part of plot Apolonia lands.

The Chief of Gbetseli, Nii Teye Kojo Sune I, according to the petition copied to the Director of Survey and Mapping  department, the Administrator of Stool Lands, the Director of Land Titles and the Regional Director of the Lands Commission including the Police and the Media made reference to a judgment plan the Gbetseli stool obtained from the High Court state the actual size and demarcations of the Gbetseli stool lands.

The Gbesteli Stool is praying the Land Commission to respect even as the stool also wants such to be registered by the commission.

“Accordingly, my client respectfully demands that upon receipt of the instant letter, you should kindly superimpose the judgment plan on that of the land plotted by Apolonia stool so as to ascertain a portion of Gbetseli stool land which was wrongfully plotted in the name of Apolonia stool and consequently expunge same,” the petition read.

In recent time, the Kpone Paramount stool which includes Gbetseli has been lamenting the registration of the stool lands by what they describe as selfish and unscrupulous persons who are registering the stool lands in connivance with some faceless individuals within the lands commission.

The Paramount Chief of Kpone, Nii Tetteh Otu II has come out to condemn the practice and threatened to expose such individuals within the commission.

The petition by the Gbetseli Stool confirms the worry of the Kpone Paramount Stool.

Before petitioning the Lands Commission, the Gbetseli Stool, threatened to deal squarely with anyone or groups of persons including any group of the security agencies who dares henceforth to alienate any portion of the Gbetsile lands to themselves.

The strong warning to what the stool describes as recalcitrant illegal land grabbers follows a petition by the Kpone Paramount Chief Nii Tetteh Otu II to the Lands Commission, the security agencies and relevant stakeholders who matter in the affairs of land administration and security in the country.

The petition by the paramountcy has called on the lands administrator to resist the temptation and enticement of selfish and pilfers who are registering the stool’s lands in their individual names.

The Gbetseli Stool however said, it has picked intelligence that some unscrupulous persons are seeking the protection of some individual police personnel to wall some Gbetseli lands.

The stool has resolved to resist such attempts with all of its strength.

Secretary to the Stool Samuel Tetteh who spoke to the media noted that the stool has resolved to bury its calm posture which has been abused for long.

According to him, the Chief is expected to hold the stool’s lands in trust for the people and therefore cannot afford to sit aloof whiles “the so called strongest and selfish persons who pay some fake security persons like them to have their war,” he stressed.

It would be recalled that on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at about 8:00am, four residents of Gbetseli, Ex-military man W. O. Ahamed Tetteh who owns a land in Gbetseli, Rockson Elisha Vegan (son to the Stool Father of Gbetsile) and two masons who were hired by a developer who bought some land from the Stool, were going about their normal business when they were taken hostage at gunpoint into a car (which belongs to the son of Iddrisu Mansro) for about an hour by some police officers purported to have come from the Anti -terrorism Unit from the police headquarters in Accra and then subsequently handing them over to the police.

These police officers were led by a known civilian, Tettey Mansro, son of one Iddrisu Mansro together with some well-known land guards who have no business doing in Gbetseli.

It was later revealed that all the threats were aimed at capturing the Gbetseli lands for their personal interest with the support of some few members associated with the Gbetseli stool.

The Gbetseli stool has reemphasized the call on the security high command and the lands commission to ensure the right thing is done to ensure peace.

The Stool is also seeking an audience with the Lands Commission to explain matters and ensure that things are done right.


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