Ghana @ 66: The Twelve Codes of the Month of March

The Founder and Leader of Parliament Chapel International (PCI), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah has revealed the 12 Codes for the Month of March which the leaders of Ghana should have invoked the night before 6th March in order to balance things and set the nation on a proper path of growth and development.

Speaking on Angel Fm’s ‘Anopa Bofo’ program today, the SEER said Ghana does not need fasting or prayers but what we need is for the leaders to speak and invoke these Codes.

Stressing on the Codes, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah averred that the “Twelve Codes of the Month of March are: March is the month of Passover; you Passover to take over, it is a month of Supernatural Independence, a month of Deliverance, the month of Redemption, the month of Supernatural Wealth Transfer, the month of Divine Favour, the month of Miracles, month of Healing, a month of Self-improvement, a month of Completeness, a month of Exit, and Divine Presence.”

According to him, “We just don’t know anything,  this is not how Jews lived, they picked the Code and it worked for them. A day before the 6th March, that is when we should have opened all the Codes for the nation.”

He stressed that the year 66 is a unique year spiritually at which Ghana could have stood to progress and become the beacon of Africa.

According to him, the “spirituality of 66 means balance and harmony. So we need to tighten here and tighten there and get the nation balanced spiritually  by our words.”

He said: “That is why the Bible said the children of Issaka; their duty to rule the time so that they can tell the nation what to do. Have we ever taken time to ask what did Kwame Nkrumah saw before he chose 6th of March for the celebration of independence? Moses who got the first independence for the Israelites was born on March 7 and died in the month of March, that is the month of Adha. That is why Hamman decided that when we put them in Adha we can kill them.”

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah said Spiritually, God’s calendar did not start in January, according to the Bible that is why the Romans lead the Lord’s calendar by 3 months, hence the best independence and the day to change the destiny of the country should have been yesterday, Monday 6th.

Connecting Ghana’s Blessings

He also mentioned that Ghana’s blessing must be connected to the West and that China will frustrate Ghana in its quest for support.

“We must move to the West, anything East won’t work for us,” he said.

Delving much into the spirituality of the independence, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah pointed out that, Israel was the first to get independence and Ghana was the first to gain independence in Sub-Sahara and we picked their month, and picked their leader’s birthday which is a day after our independence, “what can’t God did for Israel that He cannot do for us?” he asked.

He indicated that the number 66 stands for Prophesy in the Bible, pointing out that “The book for Isaiah has 66 chapters, the whole Bible has 66 books; 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament. But what do we see, 66 years and the following day we got flooded; we can’t rescue the land. That is why you connect; it is not Religion. You practicalize what you preach, that is the Bible; that is the manual you need. We need to get God’s code to lead us, this is the most connected Independence Day ever and we missed it.”

He stressed that, Ghana needs to invoke that Blessing, get the Code to balance everything in the nation.


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