Ghana Hajj 2019: Host community welcomes Ghanaian Pilgrims


Mecca: Residents of Nozha, a suburb of Mecca where Ghanaian Pilgrims are accommodated in several Hotels have officially welcomed Ghanaian Pilgrims to their community. Over the years, pilgrims from Ghana resides in Nozha due to the cerenity of the place and hospitable nature of Saudi residents. The leadership of the Nozha community led by Nasir Al Nehebi extended a warm welcome on behalf of the community to the Ghanaian pilgrims at the Al Raies hotel. Nasir Al Nehebi applauded Ghanaian pilgrims for their peaceful nature and co-existence with residents of Nozha. He encouraged Ghanaian pilgrims to continue with good behaviour so as to attain the full reward of performing Hajj.
He thanked the pilgrims Affairs office of Ghana for always choosing their community as their residence as well as the full cooperation the community recieves from the pilgrims affairs office of Ghana.
Other members of the Nozha community present at the forum took time to educate the Ghanaian pilgrims on health issues and security as far as this year’s Hajj is concern.
Tanko Mohammed Rabiu/ Hajj communications


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