Ghana To Play Liberia In President Weah Beach Soccer Cup

The Liberia Football Association has announcement it is set to unveil her national Beach Soccer project.

A series of events would climax with an international beach soccer match against Ghana’s Black Sharks in Monrovia.

The Beach Soccer Unity Cup between the Ghana Sharks and Liberia Lone Shark, will be played at the vast Silver Plain Beach resort overlooking the RLJ hotels in Thinker Village.

The organisers of the November 29th and 30th invitational have proposed a return leg in Accra the following year.

According to an official letter sent to Beach soccer officials in Ghana and copied to the GFA Normalization Committee, there would be a symbolic presentation of the giant Unity trophy in Monrovia to signal the commencement of the official Countdown.

Liberia President George Oppong Weah, is expected to then launch Liberia’s five year national Beach Soccer program which was drafted by the President of Ghana Beach Soccer Yaw Ampofo Ankrah

The Unity Cup would also honor the special friendship that exists between Ghana and the Republic of Liberia.

Over the past decade, only women’s soccer has seen a faster growth than Beach Soccer as one of FIFA’s key development projects.

Largely thanks to increased television coverage, Beach soccer continues to attract millions of followers, fans and players around the world.

With a vast pool of young talent, Ghana is still regarded as a potential beach soccer giant in Africa notwithstanding a recent lull in activities.

The President of Liberia Beach Soccer Clarence Lee Chea has confirmed that the Sharks will play a top club side before the international friendly which will be graced by the President of Liberia.

The Unity Cup would also be used as a point of contact for sporting cooperation between the two countries who have a long existing history of friendship and support.

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