GPHA Constructs Keta Port Project Office At Kedzi In Keta


The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority has constructed a project office in Kedzi in the Keta municipality at the location where the proposed Keta Port would be built, that would serve as a reference point for all developments associated with the Keta Port Project.

The Satellite office is a specially made modular unit where development and planning meetings between GPHA and its technical partners would take place.

It is also going to have an information centre where all information regarding the Keta Port project would be acquired by all people including the Keta community members.

According to the Director General of GPHA, Michael Luguje, feasibility studies on the Keta Port Project currently ongoing by international consultants would be completed by end of January, 2021.

He said all plans associated with the development of the massive port infrastructure would take place in the project office.

“When the project team comes and they need to discuss issues, such as analysing drawing plans and so on, this is where such work would be done. It is a facility that is going to serve a wider purpose until the port’s there is a location for the building of the main administration block,” he elaborated.

The DG said the Keta Port project Office, which is only days away from completion, would be manned by some GPHA staff including personnel from GPHA’s security department with assistance from Ghana Police.

“We are very grateful to Ghana Police Service. We have written to the IGP and he has graciously accepted to assist with police presence here, day and night,” he expressed.

The D.G. of GPHA also assured that some residents of Keta are going to be employed to man the Keta Port Project Offices.

The Director of Keta Port, Dr. Alexander Yaw Adusei Jr. solicited the support of all Ghanaians towards the successful realization of the Keta Port which would develop the Volta region of Ghana.

“We need the support of the entire citizenry and all the political parties so that we can develop the Keta Port for the benefit of Volta region,” he said.

He said there’s every indication, GPHA will see to the realization of the vision to have a Port in Keta for the development of the Volta Region.

“Developing a port is not an event, it is a process. If you look at what we have done, we have actually advanced the process. We now have a project office on site ready to go,” he asserted.

The engineering contractor for the Project office indicated that the facility is very durable and well fitted for the purpose intended.


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