GPHA Woos Burkina Faso Investors

The Trade delegation continued its mission to Burkina Faso where they were first hosted by the Director General of the Burkina Faso Shipping Council.

The Board Chairman of GPHA, Peter Mac-Manu, emphasized the massive investment sunk into making Ghana’s Ports more efficient.

“Ghana’s Port is number one in West Africa: In terms of man-power, equipment, berths which can accommodate bigger vessels, clearing and tariffs Ghana is better than any other West African country and that is our reason we have come to deepen our relationship,” he revealed.

The Director General of the GPHA, Michael Luguje also relayed one of the key concerns of the Nigerien shipper community to their Burkinabe Counterparts for redress.

“With regards to Niger cargo passing through Burkina Faso from Ghana, they believe that the facilitation within the Burkina territory is not the best that they expect in terms of checkpoints within the Burkina territory and issues with customs along the road,” he recounted.

At the Burkina Faso Ministry of Trade, the Chief Director of the ministry, said they are willing to partner Ghana to fashion out attractive policies that will push the Burkina Faso shipper community to the Ghanaian corridor.

The DG of GPHA, Michael Luguje raised the issue of lack of uniform documentation and harassment and called on the ministry to coordinate with other ministries to facilitate the transit trade.

“The goods coming from Ghana destined for the landlocked countries themselves, particularly Niger and Mali will have to transit through Burkina Faso. They have challenges with controls and bureaucracies within the Burkina corridor,” he emphasized.

The Minister of Transport, disclosed that a lot of initiatives are underway to curb the issue of harassment which has been a thorny issue for transporters across board.

Many major economic operators in Burkina Faso, reiterated the resolve to work with Ghana’s Ports.

GPHA also assured the Economic Operators of better services.

The delegation visited the Paga Border and admitted that the transit truck park there was in a very deplorable state.

The Board Chairman of GPHA and DG of GPHA, promised that the board will ensure the construction of an improved park in the next few months.

“The board of GPHA has approved and is currently going through the tender process for a contractor to come on site to make this place attractive and clean,” he disclosed.

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