GRA To Deploy Improved Use Of Technology To Fill In Revenue Gaps – Commissioner General

The Acting Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Rev. Ammishaddai Owusu Amoah, has described revenue mobilization for the state as steady during his tenure, but according to him there remain various areas where the Authority can fill the gaps to maximize its revenue mobilization.

“Though the customs duty or the import side saw a decline, we still are confident, from our own analysis of the data, that there are avenues where we can increase revenue for the state,” he said.

The Acting Commissioner General of GRA, speaking on Eye on Port’s live interactive platform, on Revenue Mobilization Goals: Assessing Policies and Addressing Variances, revealed that his outfit will deploy improved methods of digitization to meet its revenue target of 47 billion Ghana Cedis for 2020.

“One of the things we are going to do is the digitization. And you know the Vice President and the Government as a whole has been pushing the idea of a cashless economy. The economy’s increased use of electronic means of payment will make it easier for you to capture the revenues along the line,” he added.

He explained that the government is of the strong opinion that automation in tax payment would create a surge in tax compliance.

“Revenue generation would improve if we have an automated system where as soon as you pay immediately the tax is deducted and straight away it is credited to the tax authority. This is being used in some countries, even in Africa,” he continued.

The GRA boss disclosed that his outfit will ensure that registering of a Tax Identification Number will be requisite for all forms of business transactions in order to capture due taxes from all eligible tax payers especially those in the informal sector.

“Our aim is that this year, if you have to register your car, you have got to get a TIN, if you have to use the bank, you would need a TIN as well, if you have go to Lands to register your land, same. So, we are going to ensure that all these Government agencies are also enforcing this,” he revealed.

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