Gyaldem Tish donates sanitary pads to girls in the Affram plains

One of Ghana’s top musicians, Gyaldem Tish, has donated sanitary pads worth thousand of cedis to female students within Afram Plains in the Eastern Region.
The gesture that forms part of the Musicians project was meant to provide assistance to the female students during their menstrual periods.
Over five thousand (5,000) female students benefited from the kind gesture from the Ghanaian musician with numerous international recognitions.
Speaking with journalists, she said, “The donations form part of the monthly way of rendering support to female students during their menstrual period.”
Gyaldem Tish, who has numerous hit songs to her credit, emphasised that menstruation was a natural and normal process that should not be stigmatised.
“We cannot educate girls every year to change their pads regularly and wash their hands after changing when there is no decent place in the school for doing that: no privacy, no water, no soap,” she disclosed.
She further called for innovative and sustainable solutions for a period-friendly world for girls and encouraged girls to use reusable materials for their periods, provided they were washed and dried well before being reused.
The Musician used the opportunity to demonstrate the use of a reusable menstrual product that is being produced by some entrepreneurs and NGOs.
She stressed the need for more support for girls to manage their periods safely and confidently.
She called called for prioritising the menstrual hygiene policy in the government’s Girl Child Education agenda and encouraged girls to seek professional help and guidance from their counsellors and teachers on menstrual hygiene challenges.

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