I wish you well – Joe Ghartey Congratulates Majority Leader Afenyo Markin

The Member of Parliament of Essikado-Ketan Constituency and former Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Joe Ghartey, has congratulated the new Majority Leader of the ruling New Patriotic Party in Parliament, Hon. Alexander Afenyo-Markin.

In a social media post, Hon. Ghartey expressed profound excitement over the new role of Hon. Afenyo Markin, the Member of Parliament for Winneba, wishing him and his team well.

Read Hon. Joe Ghartey’s congratutory message to Hon. Afenyo Markin below:

You were made Deputy Majority Leader and now you are the Majority Leader. I wish you well. Your metoric rise is commendable. You are a known warrior, and this gives you the opportunity to go down in history as a great Leader. One of the greatest leaders of our time is Nelson Mandela. He was an amateur boxer and a warrior. Nelson Mandela was one of the co-founders of the armed wing of the African National Congress.

It was this same man after spending years in prison, negotiated with the apartheid Government for the independence of South Africa. He also became the first black President of South Africa. Nelson Mandela is not remembered for being a warrior or even a President. He is remembered best as a man of peace. It is said in the Beatitudes that those who pursue peace will be blessed. You are in a good position to pursue peace because you are a warrior, and history reveals that the leaders who pursue peace most successfully are warrior leaders. As you said on the floor of Parliament, you will pursue collaboration.

In this political environment, sometimes it is difficult to pursue peace. I am not saying for a second that you should compromise or become weak in the belly. All I am saying is be a man of collaboration, not of confrontation. You said that is your aim, and I am confident that your word will be your bond. If you walk your talk, you will emerge as a Wise Leader. I wish you well and God be your guide

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