Implementation Of CSE: Gov’t Smart Way Of Satisfying Foreign Interest Through Homosexual Agenda – ADAM-GH

A Civil Society Group, Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement GHANA (ADAM-GH) has disclosed that, the decision by government to implement the controversial Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) is a smart way of satisfying foreign interest through homosexual agenda.
Addressing a press conference, Hon. Ibrahim Adams, the Director of Operations of ADAM-GH stated that, the ambiguity of the President answer to whether he would accept same sex marriage has since left Ghanaians in a confused state about his stand on the fight against homosexuality.
According to him, it is too early to teach children of four to five years about comprehensive sex and its related issues, adding that children at the early stage of life almost absorbs everything you teach them and therefore, it should be religious moral principles and not comprehensive sex.
The implementation of the CSE, he said will have a negative ripple effect on the children who will become the future leaders.
“Legally, the only time a child in Ghana can practice sex or considered as adult is 17 to 18 years and so if there’s the need for such comprehensive sex education, it should rather start from Junior high schools and not Primary one” he noted.
He therefore called on government to withdraw it immediately.
He further called on the Parents Teachers Associations, Pastors and Imams in the country to rise up against this Homosexual agenda in the primary schools.
The group pledge to resist the CSE with all their might legally and to ensure that the implementation of CSE will not live to see the light of the day.
He advised the Akufo-Addo government to improve school infrastructure deficit to abolish the double track system in the Secondary schools instead of introducing 4-year pupils to comprehensive sex education.
Mr Adams also urged the government to ensure that all E-BLOCKS schools started by the previous government are completed to increase accessibility in the Senior High Schools.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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