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Iranian Embassy Honours Shehu Dalhu

A renowned Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu, popularly known as Sheikh Dalhu, has received an award from the Iranian Embassy for his relentless role in peace building and commitment to humanity.

Presenting the award to him, H.E Bijan Garani expressed great satisfaction at the passion and dedication Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu has for the protection of the environment, building peace and protection of human rights among others.

H.E Bijan Garani believes that Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu has contributed immensely to humanity and for which he was being awarded.

Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu

Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu is a renowned Islamic cleric, traditional ruler, a spiritual healer and a humanitarian.

He is the regional Chief Imam and the spiritual leader of the Ahlulbayt Mission, Northern region. He was eskinned in 2008 as the chief of Zongo, Tamale.

Sheikhu Dalhu Abdul-Mumin’s philanthropism is recognized by many, from an individual level to a greater section of the Ghanaian society. He has received so much recognition for his services and contribution to humanity in the country and even beyond.

Among the recent citations and awards, Sheikhu Dalhu Abdul-Mumin was honored with a Special Recognition Award by the Northern Excellence as Climate Activist of the Year.

Same year, he was given the Mu’alim (educator) of the Year award by Ghana Muslim Achievers Awards.

Most recently in 2022, he was adjudged Religious Speaker of the Year by Ghana Lifestyle Awards.

Shehu Dalhu an Iranian trained scholar had lived and study in Iran for more than a decade.

In another development, Shehu Dalhu send his Christmas message to the Christian community for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In his message he stated:

“Jesus (Peace be upon him) is one God’s favourite messengers to mankind. Believing in prophet Jesus (a.s), the noble guardian of mankind requires kindness to humanity, adherence to righteousness and abhorrence of evil, tyranny and inhumane oppressions of any form.

It is my sincere hope that Christians in every part of our country and all over the world abide to the great guidance and lessons taught by Jesus (pbuh) in their lives and deeds.”

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