John Kumah Spearheads National Wealth Creation Initiative


Deputy Minister For Finance, Dr. John Ampontuah Kumah has called on the private sector to support Government efforts aimed at creating wealth and jobs for Ghanaians.

Speaking at the launch of the 2024 Wealth & Job Expo in Accra theme “The Power of Starting Small”, the deputy Minister said deliberate steps is being taken by Government to ensure that the youth are empowered to create and make wealth by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation across the country.

“Personally, I am very passionate about creating wealth and jobs for the Youth. leveraging on my role as the Deputy Minister For Finance, Government has developed an interest in ensuring that most of the projects we execute are aimed at creating wealth and Job.” He said

The Deputy Minister also called on the Private sector to support Government’s numerous projects that is currently being implemented across the country.

“ Government can not create wealth and jobs along, it must be a joint efforts between Government and the private sector. Programmes like the Wealth and Job Expo are necessary to crowd in all the necessary private sector efforts needed and so I endorse and support it “

The Jobs and Wealth Expo is expected to be organized in May.

About the Jobs and Wealth Creation Expo

This flagship event aims to bring together businesses and enterprises (B&Es) to showcase their activities, fostering networking opportunities and connecting potential clients and employers.

Key Features of the Wealth and Jobs Expo:
1. Seed Capital Awards:
• Ten outstanding businesses and enterprises will be carefully selected and awarded seed capital from the Growth Fund post-expo termed as the VentureSprout.

• A strategic partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will facilitate a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation framework. This collaboration ensures that the B&Es undergo training before deploying the funding, enhancing their capabilities and sustainability.

2. Skill Match Program:
• A Skill Match initiative will be implemented, linking skills to companies and connecting prospective clients with skilled labour. This approach not only supports employment but also contributes to business growth by providing employers and employees with the right skill sets.

3. Complementary Role to Existing Institutions:
• As a private organisation, the Wealth and Jobs Agency is designed to complement the efforts of existing government institutions such as the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (NEIP) and the Ghana Enterprise Agency. This ensures the private sector also plays a major role in providing opportunities to reduce unemployment.

4. Unique Characteristics of the Wealth and Jobs Agency:
• The Agency stands out through its innovative approach, combining financial support with skill development.
• It fosters a private institution model that focuses on individualized growth, enabling businesses to elevate their operations to the next level.

Government Partnership:
To ensure the success of this initiative, there are possible collaborations with governmental institutions. As such, the below clear plan of action has been devised to solidify such collaborations to maximize the impact of the program.
About the Wealth and Jobs Expo
A part of the agency’s vision is the annual Wealth and Jobs Expo which seeks to emerge as a catalyst for change, embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of our nation’s growth. Led by the Wealth and Jobs Agency, a pioneering force committed to guiding individuals from the inception of their dreams to the pinnacle of their chosen fields, this transformative initiative goes beyond a mere gathering. It’s a powerful experience crafted to address the aspirations of those seeking guidance and support in their journey towards success.

The Wealth and Jobs Expo, themed “The Power of Starting Small,” is a commitment to empower individuals aspiring to reach the peak of their chosen fields.

The core mission of the event is to empower entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders through Human Capital Development and Networking. The focus is on providing a dynamic platform where visionary entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, and investors can converge to inspire, educate, and collaborate with aspiring entrepreneurs from various sectors, including coconut sellers, vulcanizers, shea butter producers, and mobile application creators making them valuable, fundable and buyable.

Event Highlights
Throughout the Wealth & Jobs Expo, participants can expect a rich mix of experiences, including thought-provoking keynote speakers, interactive panel discussions, and networking opportunities bridging the gap between ideas and success. The main exhibition will promote products and services on offer, tailored for those daring to dream and aspiring to contribute meaningfully to Ghana’s economic prosperity.


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