Kantanka To Unveil New Semi-Sedan And Electric-Aboboyaa Vehicles In August, 2020

The General Manager of Kantanka Automobile, Francis Kojo Kujoji has revealed that the company in the next few days in the month of August, 2020 unveil its all-new mini-sedan 1.5 cc vehicles called Kantanka Amoanemaa mi and an electric-powered tricycle popularly called aboboyaa onto the Ghanaian market.

“Let me take this opportunity to commend the management of Kantanaka for the good job they have done over the past years and for bringing this to fruition. They have done a lot of good for themselves from moving beyond trade shows and exhibitions.” The General Manager revealed

He further asserted that Kantanka is ready to take over the Ghanaian market and are currently producing at a capacity of eight (8) cars per day but can increase their optimum capacity to twelve (12) cars per day in the near future.

Speaking on Eye on Port, the General Manager of Kantanka Automobile said there had been several efforts since the conceptualization stages of the company including writings of petitions to win the support of governments in promoting their indigenous automobile company.

He praised the recently out doored Ghana Automotive Manufacturing Development Programme Policy and revealed that Kantanka has been part of it from the beginning through series of engagements and are therefore optimistic that it will help the company live its dream of producing in large quantities, vehicles that the Ghanaian market will be happy with. “Once this policy is out, then it means whatever dream that we had ten (10) years ago should be a reality, so I can confidently say that, we are at the dream realization stages of the company and this year, we are going to step out fully.” He assured.

He added that due to the recent government directive for state institutions to purchase locally assembled vehicles, they are currently concentrating on building more pick-ups and preparing to unveil about 150 sedan vehicles called Kantanka Amoanemaa with a market price of about 75,000 Ghana Cedis for such brand new sedans compared to about 120,000 Ghana Cedis of cars of similar specs from different brands in addition to available good payment plans. “Looking at the directives from government, pick-ups dominate government purchase of vehicles, so the concentration now is on pick-ups and the mini-cars.” Mr. Kujoji explained.

The General Manager also hinted that they do not intend to venture into the production of motorbikes anytime soon but in the interim will concentrate on tricycles popularly called aboboyaa and have also have built disability friendly vehicles onto the market.

 “Looking at the accident rates of motorbikes, we don’t want to kantanka to be associated with a lot of accidents, alternatively, we will be doing the tricycles rather. We have actually developed a system where a physically challenged person who is fit with only the hands can drive the car.”

He also asserted that the company currently has 350 employees and does not consider the influx of other assemblers as a threat to their business.

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