Keta Port Feasibility To Be Completed By 1st Quarter Of 2021

The Director of the Port of Keta, Dr. Alexander Adusei has revealed that the ongoing feasibility studies by international consultants are expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2021.

Speaking on Eye on Port, the first appointed Director for the Keta Port who has been leading the planning and developmental stages of processes to build the Keta Port said it is after the leadership of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority have fully assessed reports from the feasibility studies that they would be able to draw a clear trajectory for the construction of the port.

According to him, the feasibility studies which is a scientific analysis that would look into all relevant economic, technical, legal and social factors concerning the project, would afford the Port Authority enough information on the likelihood of completing the project successfully in line with the GPHA’s masterplan.

He said, although the coronavirus pandemic created some obstacles to the smooth progress of the studies, the consultants have been able to redesign their mode of operation and have continued all relevant research and engagements.

“Even with COVID-19 interrupting us, we have managed to get our consultants to engage stakeholders through the telecommunication platforms and physically as well,” he disclosed.

Dr. Adusei Jr. disclosed that very soon the consultants will arrive in the country to resume physical engagements with relevant stakeholders to be able to complete their studies.

The Director for the Port of Keta said, after completion of feasibility studies by the projected February 2021, they would then have to closely engage the relevant Ministries like Roads and Highways as well as Railways Development, because of the essential role they play in the entire value chain of such developments.

“We would have to make sure all the amenities needed to make this development successful are arranged for. We have to speak with the relevant authorities so they can also add it into their development plan.”

He said it is then that GPHA would open itself up for tangible offers from potential investors for the construction of the Keta Port.

Dr. Alexander Adusei said, even at this infant stage of development, there has been many offers that the Port Authority will continue to consider and evaluate to meet its desired masterplan.

“A lot of companies have shown interests in developing that facility. But how do you decide to engage somebody on a project that is so dear to you without knowing the cost of the project? That is what the feasibility study is supposed to help us with. Before we can decide,” he added.

He revealed that GPHA’s earlier arrangement with Diamond Cement fell on rocks because the latter wanted to develop a private port of their own, without GPHA’s direct regulation, which defies Ghana’s policies on port infrastructure development.

“We could not move forward with what Diamond Cement had in mind because all along what they had in mind was a private port controlled by them, without recourse to the Ghanaian government. GPHA cannot do that, because our laws do not allow that,” he said.


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