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Ketu South NPP Vice Chairman Urged Candidate To Unite Party

The Vice Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ketu South Constituency, Daniel Akpalu who is also a security expert has called on the party candidate in the constituency to do well and bridge the divide caused during their campaigns ahead of the primaries.

Accordiong to him, the party in the constituency needs to stand united where equal opportunities will be given to people to contribute towards the progress of the party as the 2020 elections draw closer.

He said this when he was leaving the country for Mauritania on a business trip.

In congratulating the elected parliamentary candidates for the Ketu South Constituency, David Tiano Quarshie, he noted that if he chose to only lead in the interest of his supporters, the divisiveness the party is experiencing will remain.

“If he chooses to govern for the party in Ketu South by including all and bringing all on board, there is greater chance, then conflict will be minimized. Our primaries are over, and what we need now is a united front to win the coming elections,” he said.
On behalf of the party, he expressed congratulatory message to David Tiano Quarshie for his election as a parliamentary candidates for the NPP in Ketu South.

He noted  that in every contest, there is a lesson to learn and for that matter the new candidate must take a cue from whatever happened during the contest, stressing that people are interested in ideas that are sincere and constructive.

“Let us be careful of the words we chose during our campaigns, words matter, words can hurt, words can divide,” Daniel Akpalu said.

He said: “We need to stand together as a strong political force here in Ketu South and win at the end of the race.”

By Prosper Agbenyega

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