LG Thrills Artists with Art Inspired OLED Gallery TV, Set to Roll out Company’s First QNED MiniLED In July

Founder of the Art Africa Gallery Mr Kojo Choi in collaboration with tech giant LG Electronics at the launch of the new Art Africa Gallery to present his new works on the digital canvass of LG OLED TVs at the famous Osu Oxford Street in Accra, Ghana was the delight of everyone present at the occasion.

Boasting vivid colors with high transparency, the LG OLED Gallery TV offers new creative opportunities for artistic as seen at the Launch. The 77- and 65-inch LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV models offer higher brightness, clarity and detail for lifelike images that almost jump off the screen.

Consistent with LG’s philosophy, Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art, the SELF-LIT Masterpiece and the SELF-LIT Gallery features the works of acclaimed artists beautifully displayed on LG’s most advanced OLED TV to deliver realistic colors and textures via millions of self-lit pixels.

With incredibly accurate color reproduction and infinite contrast, the artworks deliver the artists’ creative works exactly as intended with true-to-life colors and deep blacks for maximum immersion and realism.

Speaking during the event, First Lady of Ghana, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo said, “A good piece of artwork can give pleasure to many who truly appreciate art. A piece of artwork can produce a narrative that tells us about times past, about civilizations and about the artist.

For me, I like to think that art does not discriminate or limit us. Each of us is free to appreciate a piece of work in our own way. Art gives nations very distinct identities and has great economic value, both for the artist and those who buy their work.”

She commended the artist who is inspirations to their generations. She said, “Ayekoo to all artists, especially trailblazers like Professors Ablade Glover and Mr Larry Otoo, who spend countless hours behind the canvas trying to create and inspire generations. Special thanks to Dr Kojo Choi and his team whose vision and drive birthed the Art Africa Gallery.’’

The incredibly slim profile of LG OLED allows the Gallery Design TV to hang flush to your wall like a work of art, enhancing your home interior and adding elegance to your space.

LG Electronics (LG) will begin rolling out its newest and most premium LCD TV lineup in markets worldwide starting in July.

Thanks to LG’s state-of-the-art Quantum Dot NanoCell color and Mini LED backlight technologies, the TV delivers a stunning viewing experience with deeper black, more accurate color reproduction with greater contrast and brightness. The lineup consists of 4K QNED91 and QNED90 series models in screen sizes ranging from a spacious 75 inch to a colossal 86 inch.

Featuring the company’s very own Quantum Dot NanoCell color technology, LG QNED Mini LED ushers in a whole new era in LCD TV picture quality with rich and accurate colors for immersive viewing. Certified by international product testing agency Intertek for providing 100 percent color volume and color consistency, LG QNED Mini LED TVs also eliminate color distortion across a wide viewing angle, ensuring everyone in the room can enjoy the ultimate in LCD picture quality.

The bigger the screen, the smaller the details need to be. LG QNED Mini LED TV packs smaller LEDs into the backlight compared to other similarly-sized TV screens, increasing brightness and dimming zones. For example, LG’s 86-inch 8K TV (model 86QNED99UPA) is backlit by approximately 30,000 LED lights arranged to create about 2,500 local dimming zones to deliver 10 times better contrast ratio than conventional LCD TVs. Deeper blacks and greater details within dark areas create a heightened sense of depth that makes images seem more realistic.

LG’s commitment to a better tomorrow is evident in its newest TV products. LG QNED Mini LED TVs have received Eco-Product certification from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland. This certification is only awarded to products that fulfill SGS requirements to standards that include low environmental impact or recyclability.

“LG QNED Mini LED TV represents an evolutionary leap forward, leveraging LG’s unique color reproduction technology and mini LED backlighting to achieve the pinnacle of LCD picture quality,” said Choongbae Seok, General Manager, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics West African Operations “Our newest lineup is testament to LG’s technological leadership in the premium TV market made possible by continuously improving and refining our innovative OLED and QNED Mini LED TVs.”

LG QNED Mini LED TV will initially be available in Ghana followed by additional regions around West African in the weeks ahead. For more information about QNED TV, kindly visit

1 Measured against LG UHD TVs which do not employ NanoCell technology.
2 Availability of sizes may vary by market.

3 Certified by Intertek, LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs deliver a high color consistency recorded as 100 percent by CIE DE2000 across 18 color patterns with a viewing angle of ±30°. Certified by Intertek, LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs can express 100 percent of the DCI-P3 spectrum across a 3D color space that covers the TVs’ full luminance range.

4 QNED Mini LED TVs are recognized as Eco-Products according to SGS Eco-Product certification ECO/21/CEBEC/00016 and ECO/21/CEBEC/00017.

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