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In recent days, I have read with much revulsion reports of the NPP’s second Vice Chairman constructing a toilet facility worth GHS1.6million for La Nkwantanang. In as much as this news is welcome development, it appears as though construction of toilet facilities remains the NPP’s only development agenda and objective for the people of Ghana including Madina Constituency.

Since being sworn into office in 2017, the NPP has undertaken virtually no development for the people of Madina in the seven and half years they have been in office. For instance, there have been no construction of schools and health facilities; no construction of drainage projects nor upgrade of road projects especially as Madina was not included in both the first and second year of roads; no known one district one factory project in Madina; and no portable water (WASH facilities) for most education and health institutions in Madina; among others.

In a question to the Roads Minister by my good self on the floor of Parliament, the immediate-past Minister, Hon. Amoako Atta, indicated that despite roads in Madina being awarded on contract none had been completed with most projects abandoned by Contractors and others recommended for termination. This applies to projects under almost every sector – be it in education, health, industry, etc.

One typical example I will like to make mention of is that Danfa-Otinibi road, the road I led demonstration on sometime back in October 2021. The 14.5km road despite being awarded on contract of GHS11.5million by this NPP Administration has been abandoned and neglected by the contractor, who has never been to site these past 7 years.

Hence, for the NPP and its Vice Chairman to focus on toilet as we head into the election when most development projects in the Constituency have been abandoned these past seven (7) and half years shows the lack of ingenuity and disrespect the NPP attaches to development and the people of Madina.
As I have earlier stated “If Central government, which controls the public purse and all funds available for roads and drainages really wish to build Ghana and for that matter municipalities like La Nkwantanang Madina, its measuring rod would be ensuring rising standards of living for the population, increased investments in factories and basic infrastructure in a well-co-ordinated and planned manner.”

As such, we the people of Madina ignore such mediocre and sub-standard attempts by the ruling NPP to undertake few non-essential development projects as a way of buying votes in the run-up to the elections. Such clandestine attempts especially by individuals when the Government to whom taxes are paid have failed to live up to expectations proves the shallowness of their thinking and thought process with respect to development and change management.

Instead, we choose to rally together to build the Madina and Ghana We Want with H.E. John Dramani Mahama for credible, compassionate and transformational leadership for Madina and beyond, starting with this upcoming election in December 2024.

Details of roads and levels of development

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