Man seals wife genitals with superglue

Man seals wife’s genitals with superglue

Residents of Tharaka Nithi are still in shock after a man sealed his wife’s genitals with super glue. Police officers started a search for the suspect who has since gone missing. The man sexually assaulted his wife after claiming she was unfaithful to him.

The assault

The suspect is from Kamatungu. He used a sharp knife to insert pepper, onions, and salt inside his wife’s private parts. When done, he sealed her private parts with superglue mixed with sand.

Police officers say that the suspect had returned home from Nairobi on Saturday night. He told his wife that they had to relocate.

He claimed that since he had violated the rule of not leaving Nairobi during this period, police officers would arrest them. Therefore, the wife believed him, and they left their home.

The couple started their journey, but when they reached Kathita river, the suspect ordered his wife to undress. He threatened to kill her if she did not comply.

The victim told police officers that when she started undressing, the suspect started beating her up. He commanded his wife to name all the men she had sexual encounters with while he was working in Nairobi.

He went ahead to seal her private parts with superglue and also sealed her mouth and ears. The suspect left her at the scene in critical condition and ran away.

The victim struggled to walk to the nearby police station. She reported the incident. Police officers rushed her to Marimanti Sub-County Hospital. The victim is still receiving treatment.

Tharaka South Police Commander, Kiprop Rutto, said that the suspect who is still at large is a known criminal in the area. Police officers have been trying to arrest him concerning various crimes.

“We are looking for the suspect so that he can be charged with sexual assault,” the police commander said.

Kamatungu residents want police officers to make sure that the suspect faces the full force of law

SOURCE: Kenyanews.co.ke

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