McKorley Family To Pay Medical Bills For Tallest Man In Ghana

The family of Ghanaian business magnate and the founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley (McDan) has offered to assist the tallest man in Ghana to undergo medical treatment for his chronic ulcer and excess growth hormone.

Daniel McKorley and his family invited Sulemana Abdul-Samed [Awuche], the tallest man in Ghana to their home in Accra to see how they can help him overcome his health issues.

In view of the discussions the family had with Sulemana Abdul-Samed, they have decided to pay for the entire medical cost for Sulemana Abdul-Samed to live a healthier and happier life.

According to McDan, “My wife and kids consistently whispered into my ears to pay the entire cost of Awuche’s medical treatment and to ensure that he was going to live a longer, healthier and happier life. As I have always known, I’m lucky to have a big, supportive family that is compassionate towards other people. That truly warms my heart.”

Speaking to McDan on why the family decided to assist Sulemana Abdul-Samed, he averred that being a parent is priceless and that he understands that his kids are going to have certain privileges that he didn’t have.

“…so, I need to teach them values like hard work and respect, and instil in them the desire to help and serve others. More than anything I could hand to them. I want to teach them about benevolence and charity. If I raise them to practice the importance of sharing what they have, something I believe will carry them through life, I’ll be a proud father.”

He said: “This is why I was privileged to invite Sulemana Abdul-Samed [Awuche], the tallest man in Ghana, into my home to meet my family and to see how we could help him with his chronic ulcer and excess growth hormone issues.”

McDan called on parents to learn to inculcate the spirit of giving and sharing in their children, saying that “If you’re a parent, step out with your child and offer a helping hand to the community. Because trust me, one of the most satisfying and productive things you can pass on to them is the importance of sharing what they have with others.”

He however said, the nation we cannot see such a person; the tallest man in the country, to rot in the north, hence people must make efforts to support Sulemana Abdul-Samed in the small ways they could to make life better for him.

Sulemana Abdul-Samed in his few words said although he sees himself as a sick person with that condition, he sees it also as a blessing.

“I am not fine. I am a sick person but in other way I see it as a blessing. The ball in my back and my spinal cord and the growth hormones in me, my chronic ulcer; all of that, that makes me not feel better,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to McDan, his family, and the McDan Foundation through which the support is coming for the gesture and believed the help would indeed bring smiles on his face and make life meaningful for him.

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