MUSIGLO Outdoors New Musical Instruments

The Musicians’ Organisation Global (MUSIGLO) has outdooredits latest ultra-modern musical instruments to generate employment opportunities for musicians and industry professionals.
The instruments will be used by the professional musicians that make up the MUSIGLO International Band.
The MUSIGLO Band is available for hire and booking by the general public for events, according to MUSIGLO.
Speaking with Mrs. Deborah Freeman Danquah, President of MUSIGLO, she stated that among other things, musical instruments are one of the organisation’s revenue streams for the musicians’ Welfare Solidarity Fund, which aims to support the livelihoods of seasoned and upcoming musicians who have limited means to record and promote their music.
She consequently used the occasion to encourage her fellow musicians to register for the MUSIGLO Musicians’ Welfare Solidarity fund in order to guarantee that their needs will be promptly satisfied in difficult times.
The goals of the fund are to provide lifeline support to veteran musicians who have made important contributions to Ghana’s music scene, as well as underground artistes attempting to break through in the industry, and musicians who are unable to perform due to a variety of circumstances.
She indicated that the organisation’s goal is to create a diverse, global network of musicians from all genres and professionals in the music industry, with the goal of advancing their socio-economic rights and interests.
Its vision, according to her, is to be the most representative voice for musicians everywhere (at home and abroad).
In addition, Mrs. Deborah Freeman Danquah pledged to continue working hard with her executives to raise the living and working conditions of members.
She also mentioned that she would use her financial acumen to help Ghanaian musician break into the music industry.
She gave an overview of MUSIGLO’s organisational structure, stressing that MUSIGLO arranges musicians all over the world, and that its global ambassadors assist with its operations in the diaspora.
She extended an invitation to musicians, both domestic and international, to become members of MUSIGLO, the group that defends their socio-economic rights and welfare.

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