MUSIGLO Rolls Out Welfare Packages For Members

The leadership of Musicians’ Organisation Global (MUSIGLO) has disclosed that members have embraced the Solidarity Fund, which was introduced in December 2023, as it fulfills a valuable need for them.
According to MUSIGLO, the fund was created as part of its goals to provide a sense of unity, promote understanding, and encourage members to help one another out when facing financial difficulties, which affects both young and seasoned musicians.
MUSIGLO has hired specialists to manage activities, and has built an organised administrative framework from its founding.
Apart from the Solidarity Fund, the organisation has instituted several welfare packages, such as the Pension Scheme, which guarantees future financial stability and a comfortable retirement for its members.
In an interview with Accra FM, the organisation’s president and founder, Mrs. Deborah Freeman, stated that the Solidarity Fund was established to support the members’ welfare and provide them with a buffer during these trying times.
She said MUSIGLO’s leadership has established procedures to guarantee the fund’s efficient operation, ensuring probity, accountability, and transparency in addition to the distribution of monies to recipients.
According to her, it is regrettable to see well-known musicians pass away in poverty; for this reason, MUSIGLO created the Solidarity Fund and the Pension Plan in an effort to stop this terrible circumstance.
The welfare programmes also aim to assist emerging musicians who lack the means to record and market their music.
She emphasised that in exchange for the organisation rewarding its members with additional benefits, each member would contribute a certain amount to their individual Solidarity and Pension accounts.
She further mentioned that the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) and Peoples Pension Trust (PPT) are in charge of overseeing the pension plan.
Mrs. Deborah Freeman also assured to work hard with her executives as always to improve the working and living standards of members, adding she would use her expertise in the business field to assist Ghanaian musicians to find their feet in the industry.
She invited musicians, local and foreign, to join MUSIGLO, the organisation that champions their socioeconomic rights and welfare home and abroad.

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