The executive Secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Ghana (ADAM GH) Mr. AZUBILA SALAM EMMANUEL Said, the NDC can not fufil their campaign promise in the manifesto with a title “the big push” if John Mahama is unable to scrap off the nonsensical ministries created by President Nana Akufo Addo with triple and quadriple ministers without any value for money such as ministry of special innitiative, Sanitation ministry, Senior Minister’s ministry which act as an ambassadorial center of corruption at the presidency, battling with Auditor’s General Mr. Domelevo, PDS SCAM, AMERI THEFT, AGYAPA and many other killer scandals. These non performing ministries who’s existence is only creating financial burden to the country must be scraped off and channel those monies into developmental projects. Ghana can save the ghc18.2 million Ghana cedis used for salaries only to nonsensical ministries if we reduce the 125 ministers to 80 ministers of state. The *USD 190 million grant from America* which we lost as acountry due to corruption and fraud associated in the PDS deal and the negligence of the 125 ministers appointed by President Nana Addo and his presidential staffers, can fulfil all campaign promises of the NDC if only JM can bring sanity to the seat of government the (Presidency). If we look at the revenue collected by PDS and other service charges for almost a year before the contract was terminated, can solve all the challeges at our energy sector. Again the money Ghana lost in the BOST conteminated oil deal can do a lot of things for the country. If JM can reduce the 355 V8 officials vehicles, residentials and other allowances for the nonsensical ministries and it ministers, that money can be used to fund some of the projects in the manifesto. *If John Mahama next government can abolish the hiring of Presidential private jet costing the state $17.000 dollars per hour for 7 days which is USD 14.3million*, this money can build a dual carriage road from Accra to Cape Coast to reduce accident and death.

If JM can reduce the 1,700 presidential Staffers at the JUBILEE HOUSE with 1,700 official state cars, those monies can be channeled into building roads, hospitals, Schools etc. If JM can revive the collapsed banks and create good environment for opening of new banks and other business opportunities, it can drastically reduce our unemployment in the country currently. If JM can restore investors confidence in our economy through the reduction of contract killings, lawlessness, political intimidation, tribal selectivity and the insecurity in the country currently, it can inject life into our economy. According to Executive Secretary of ADAM-GH Mr. Azubila he emphasised that, a civil socity organization like ADAM-GH that anchors proper democratic principles and ensuring good governance, they believe there is a lot of money in Ghana and if politicians are able to kill corruption, family and friends governance and the elite capture syndrome in Ghana’ we will be the best country amongst our competitors. As a country we should note that, the competition in the world today is about which country is developed or developing faster and not which family controls a country resources.


Azubila Salam Emmanuel (Executive Secretary). Contact : 0551515813, 0507629533.


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