NDC Saboteurs Warned Against John Mahama’s Victory In 2020

Some concerned youth of Ghana have sent a strong warning to some leaders and members of the NDC who are in various ways doing their devilish agenda to thwart the victory of John Dramani Mahama in the upcoming general elections for their selfish interest.

In a press statement signed by Mr Precious Agbenya aka Emperor Blade, a youth activists, he noted that some leaders within the NDC are seriously working against the victory of John Dramani Mahama in the December, 2020 general elections.

According to him, those people have been targeted to punish and destroy the chances of John Mahama from wining the elections as a means of punishment in their own selfish interests.

“We are by this release serving a warning to those people that they are not only working against the victory against JM but against the future and liberation of Ghana’s youths from hardship and freedom. As we speak now the standard of living in this country is not easy, our freedoms have been curtail and our country’s future is been mortgaged into the hands of a family and their lineage. Previous steps and recent step had been taken by our current government to mortgaged our future to a particular family from the fraud of PDS to this Asaase /Agyapa Royalties Deal respectively,” he stated.

He indicated that, should that continue, “We won’t only beat them but we shall go further to curse them and the family if they don’t stop this cruel acts against out future. We are suffering under this kleptocratic government and instead of them working to hell savage our plight by supporting the efforts of their flag bearer Former President John Dramani Mahama to win the December 7th, 2020 elections they are rather doing everything to sabotaged his victory.”

The youth also indicated that they would not tolerate any of such cruel acts from those leaders within the NDC who are hell burnt to see the fall of John Dramani Mahama.

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