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Nigeria Jail Break Is A Prophesy Released By Apostle Francis Amoako Attah

The recent jail break in Nigeria where more than 1,800 prisoners were broken out of Jail by the help of gunmen bearing machine guns and grenades in Southeast Nigeria could be a Prophesy come true as released by the founder and leader of Parliament Chapel International (PCI), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah popularly called “The SEER” has released that prophesy about Nigeria three (3) months before it occurred.

In a voice message he sent to a Nigerian Bishop on January 5, 2021 five days after crossing over into a new year, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah was heard telling his Bishop friend to rally his people in prayer for Nigeria.

According to him the Church has failed the people of Nigeria with majority of them are focusing on seeking power to acquire wealth.

According to Apostle Francis Amoako Attah when Jesus called the 12 Disciples, He did not give them Members or a Mega Church.

“When He called the Disciples he did not give them titles; He gave them power against and not power for or power to acquire wealth.”

According to him, Nigerian pastors are now chasing powers that will make them rich and wealthy and in so doing they are carrying the enemy along without seeking the Kingdom power that will enable them bring the enemy to its knees.

He revealed that, during the period of his fasting, God revealed to him the things that Nigeria will encounter from January 5th and that important among the prophesies is that which was given over Southeast Nigeria.

“Mark my words, from today January 5th to June. That is why I called it Prophetic focus. In that area, I keep hearing Biafra is coming back, Biafra is coming back to Nigeria. This will happen either through a Referendum or War,” he said.

He averred that Biafra is doing everything to gain their freedom because they are tired of the Fulanis.

He also said he saw clearly that before Biafra can achieve their purpose, they will need financial strength hence they will begin to engage in Kidnapping of government officials, citizens and demand money for that purpose.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah also pointed out that the Group will go round and look for hardened criminals whom they will promise jobs and employment into the Military when they finally gain independence.

He mentioned that some police stations will be under attack and hardened criminals released from police cells and prisons.

According to him, the during the 2020 jail break most hardened criminals run away from the country to other countries but the prophesy now revealed that none of the hardened criminals will leave the country when there is a jail break because it was designed from the top to release them from jail and send them into secret camps where they would be trained to fight as soldiers for them during the imminent war.

According to the man of God, the Biafras in their attempt to achieve their aims will stormed the prisons and let lose inmates.

This prophesy seemed to have come to pass as on the 5th of April, 2021 Prison officials said that early on Monday morning, men armed with high-powered weapons including machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades arrived at a prison in Owerri, in southeastern Imo State. They exchanged fire with security personnel, and then used explosives to blast their way into the prison yard where they succeeded in releasing over 1800 hardened prisoners.

According to the Apostle, Nigeria security is going to be so weak that many officials will resign and many will die between January and June 2021.

He also prophesied a state of emergency over Nigeria where United Nations and the European Union will begin to send people to Nigeria.

“If care is not taken, Nigeria will turn into Lybia and it is too alarming,” he said.

He however said things can be normal through dialogue and consistent prayers to bring the enemy to its knees.

In a response to his voice message from Apostle Francis Amoako Attah, the Nigerian Bishop confirmed the prophesy.

According to him, he received the Word of the Lord trough Apostle with great honour and consider it as a rare privilege which he will never underestimate.

He said; “The prophetic Word is true. Everyone in Nigeria is living under the Mercy of God, kidnappings are becoming the norm, the poor are even kidnapped talk less of the rich. There is terror in Nigeria and we don’t know what to do.”

According to the Nigerian Bishop, young pastors have been praying and have seen a little measure of what the prophesy says and for that matter can say on authority that the message from Apostle Francis Amoako Attah is True.

Listen to the Voices Below:

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah

Nigerian Bishop


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