Nii Akwanor Royal Family Of Ashalaja Land Secretariat Commissioned

The Nii Akwanor Royal Family of Ashalaja in collaboration with Sissamba Empire have commissioned a Land Secretariat at Ashalaja in the Greater Accra Region.

The secretariat seeks to help developers who acquire land at Ashalaja in the name of Adams Addy and Adu Akwanor families to regularize their documents.

It also seeks to help the family keep records of it lands transactions and address irregularities of sites for the Ashalaja township as well as to mobilize revenue for the development of the area.

The Akwanor Royal Family has mandated Sissamba Empire Limited an entity specialized in land management and administration to steer the affairs of the family land.

The Akwanor Royal Family Land Secretariat would be operated by Sissamba Empire Company Limited in collaboration with the family head, Solomon Mintah Ackaah.

In a speech read on his behalf Mr. Solomon Mintah Ackaah revealed that the decision to establish the office has been the vision of the family adding that the office does not belong to the family but to the people of Ashalaja and for the future generation.

According to him, after a long legal battle the Supreme Court gave a judgement in favour of Mr. Solomon Mintah Ackaah as the substantive Head of Akwanor Royal Family and was given the full mandate to alienate lands to prospective developers and new clients.
The said judgement was published in the dailies.

Making reference to the said publication, Mr. Solomon Mintah Ackaah stated that “all must note that Ashalaja lands is a family land and it is only the legitimate head of the family (Solomon Mintah Ackaah) who has the authority to supervise the dispositions of such lands”.

Therefore, the Courts having declared any act or acts done by the said Adams Addy and Adu Akwanor in their purported capacity as joint heads or head of the Akwaanor Royal Family of Ashalaja as null and void, all dispositions of land made by the said Adams Addy and Akwaanor are also null and void.

The Head of Nii Akwanor Royal Family further revealed that the core objectives of the office is to regularize documents that have been issued out and declared null and void by the Supreme Court.

He cautioned all developers in Ashalaja that the Akwanor Land Secretariat is not a Court to deal with land litigations and will therefore refer challenges that are beyond it’s capacity to the appropriate authorities for redress.

Solomon Mintah Ackaah further called on individuals or organizations who have acquired land in Ashalaja in the name of Adams Addy and Adu Akwanor to regularize the said acquisitions with the land Secretariat in compliance with the Land Act 2020 (Act 1036).

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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