Nii Tettey Ofro Osro I Enstooled as La Leshie Mantse

Nii Tettey Ofro Osro I known in a private life as Isaac Boye Mensah Tettey has been installed as Chief of La Leshie Division of the Ofro Osro Royal House in La in the Greater Accra region.

Nii Tettey Ofro Osro I is a member of Ofro Osro ‘We’.

The traditional rites and the ceremonies brought together most of the people in the community as a display of mutual support and unity within the Leshie Divisional Area and the La Community at large.

The installation of the La Leshie Divisional Chief came along with merry making which is a prominent part of the ceremony in the La community. The celebration is undertaken during Important and special occasions.

Nii Tettey Ofro Osro I succeeded NII Odoi Tsuru II from Yemotey Odoi We.

*Brief History about La Leshie Chieftaincy*

It was time for Ofro Osro We to provide a candidate to be installed as the new Nii Leshie but due to conflict among the family members the throne was not been occupied.

On 24th February 2016, the Elders of the La Leshie at a ceremony at the Yemote Odoi Royal House nominated Mr Benjamin Kojo Anang Yemoh from the Patapaa We, as the Acting Nii Leshie to enable them resolve disputes in Ofro Osro ‘We’.

This was In conformity with the tradition and custom of the Quarters.
The Ofro Osro ‘We’ constituted an Arbitration Committee and resolved the dispute leading to the nomination and enstoolment of Nii Tettey Ofro Osro I as a new Nii Leshie on Wednesday, Novembers 17, 2021 after going through the relevant customary rites of the people of La.

By tradition, only three Royal Houses in La Leshie are mandated to rule, namely; ‘Yemote Odoi We’, ‘Patapaa We’ and ‘Ofro Osro ‘We’.

In his remarks, the newly installed Nii Leshie stressed that all citizens of La should unite and work for the development of the La community.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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