No Short route To riches -Chief advises Youth


The Muslim Paramount Chief of Aplaku, , Bortinor, Oshiye and Kokrobite Alhaji Salifu Attram has urged Ghanaian youth to desist from using shortcut means of making money as riches and success do not come within a twinkle of an eye.

Instead he said the youth should study the business environment before venturing into it so as to be able to make profit as well as be sustainable in the field of business.

The Muslim Paramount Muslim Chief of Aplaku who made this known during the celebration of International Hausa Day at the State House in Accra said most Youth are becoming very desperate in the quest to get rich quick with no recourse to the consequences.

He expressed displeasure over how most of the Ghanaian youth use dangerous means to travel abroad to seek for greener pastures where most of them end up losing their lives in the process.

He called on the youth to use proper means of travelling abroad adding that most of the people who have made their way through to foreign countries by illegal routes had wish they never did due to the frustration they had to go through to get to their destinations.

According to him traveling abroad is not the only means to get to the top rather it takes hard work, determination, and time to achieve success in life.

He further called on the youth to work hard and stop the desperate act of get- rich-quick syndrome adding that money will come at the right time when they wait patiently and work hard.

He also advised youth not to see money making as a ‘Do or Die affair’ but rather seek God’s grace and favour in their daily activities.

Source: Muhammed Faisel Mustapha


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