NPP Bid Shots Angry At Lands Commission Over Demolition At Dairy Farms


Some New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives and known activists have expressed their frustration at an exercise by a joint Police and National Security task force led by officers of the Lands Commission to demolish buildings at the defunct Amrahia Dairy farms enclave.

According to them, the exercise has the potentials of make government unpopular considering the timing of the exercise.

A joint task force of Police and National Security operatives led by officers of the Lands Commission have demolished buildings at the defunct Amrahia Dairy farms enclave.

Meanwhile, the chiefs of Amrahia, Danfa and Kweiman say the said lands have been released to them by government through the Vice President.

The Chiefs who believe the exercise is being instigated by some government officials with parochial interest say they will resist the attempt to take over their lands with their last breath.

A known New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist, Ben Atiaka in an interview expressed great disappointment in government for allowing such exercise to go on knowing very well that the land in question had been given to the people.

According to Nii Ashirifi Ashong I, Manklalo of Amrahia government and for that matter the Lands Commission could have engaged the chiefs and traditional leaders in the area for possible solutions and that demolition peoples’ properties is not the right thing to do looking at the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the lands.

In December 2020, government through the vice President, Dr Alhaji Mahmoud Dawumia issued a white paper for the release of 40% of lands acquired from the people of Amrahia, Danfa and Kweiman for Dairy farms to be given back to them.

The Chiefs and people of the three Ga communities have since been engaging with the lands commission and sector ministry for allocation of the land, but the chiefs have always maintained that some officials of government want to take portions of their lands.

This compelled the Lands Commission to create a boundary for the 40% released to the communities.

The Chiefs say it is therefore a shock to them when on Wednesday a security task force led by some officials of the Lands Commission moved into where the chiefs believe was given to them to demolish buildings.

AThe Chiefs say they were not informed about the exercise that is bringing investments into the drain.

Some individuals whose properties were destroyed could not bear the pains of seeing their monies go into the drain but the security present will not give them a chance to salvage anything.

Some journalists who tried filming with their phones had their phones seized.

However, officials of the Lands Commission will not speak to reporters who wanted to find out why the exercise.

According to the affected residents and property owners, they believe some big men at the Ministry of Lands and other big portfolio holders of the current NPP government have connived with Lands Commission to take over lands officially released to the people of Amrahia, Danfa and Kweiman, with the help of national security and police contrary to the directives of the president of the republic of Ghana.

Official statement issued by the Executive Secretary of Lands Commission has it that, the commission intends to embark on demolition of structures on the 40% of the dairy farms land officially released to the above named three communities by president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo virtually three years ago.

The chiefs and the people of these three communities were surprised to have noted that such statement emanated from the Executive Secretary of Lands Commission, Mr. James Dadson who was with them throughout the release process, but to have subtly disregard the president’s directive to the extent of nursing this rather absurd ambition.

According to the chiefs, they have even filed a suit against Lands Commission and Attorney General, and had secured injunction against the commission over some anomalies on this same subject matter, of which they obviously failed to file defence, yet, they have strangely defied the orders of the court and embarked on this rather annoying, lawless and wicked act.




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