NPP primaries: You can’t impose an ‘incompetent gossip” on us – Bekwai Delegates to Joe Wise


Some delegates in the Bekwai constituency in the Ashanti region have asked their outgoing member of parliament Joe Osei Wusu to stay away from the upcoming primaries since they will not fall for his overtures to vote an incompetent candidate who goes about backstabbing others.

According to the delegates, they had hoped that their MP will back an aspirant who is competent and can be trusted with a ministerial position and not someone who has brought shame to the constituency as COP Alex Mensa has done with his conduct before the parliamentary committee probing the leaked tape.

Addressing issues in the constituency in a viral video, a former parliamentary aspirant in the area Kwabena Nyame said the MP’s support for someone who was not known in the constituency until recently is bizarre.

“We are begging Joe wise to leave in peace. We don’t want to talk about all the things that went wrong under him and the neglect of the delegates. He should leave and allow us to choose someone who is competent to lead us. We don’t want a gossip who can’t be trusted for anything.

“How can he be telling us that COP Mensa was trapped? If a senior officer like that can be trapped by a civilian then he is incompetent and we can’t have such a person as our leader. Everyone,” Mr Nyame said.

To the delegates, the popular party kingpin in Bekwai said “My fellow delegates I’m urging us to vote for a competent individual who will bring glory to our constituency and can be trusted with a ministerial position like Ralph Opoku and not an okro mouth who cannot be trusted with any important information by our next president or even in parliament, a man who goes about lying about others just for favour, that’s not what need we need because this is an important constituency”

Mr Nyame, who is also a delegate l, said until the funeral of retired COP Alex Mensa’s mother during which he was accompanied by the IGP to the constituency, he was not known by the party and its members in Bekwai.


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