Odumase Krobo: Controversy Erupts Over Alleged Chief Installation in Piengua Division

Manye Nakwor II, the Piengwa Manye of the Piengua division in Odumase Krobo, has strongly opposed the alleged installation of Martin Agbega Odjidja as the Piengua Mantse Divisional Chief of the Piengua Division in the Manya Krobo Traditional Area.

Addressing the press, the queen mother and elders of Piengua expressed their confusion and disapproval of Odjidja’s claims.

“We do not know this man claiming to be the chief of Piengua,” said Manye Nakwor II.

She explained the customary procedures for installing a chief, which include specific rites performed by elders in the Stool room.

She emphasized that since she became queen mother in 1975, there has never been an instance where someone bypassed these procedures to swear oath before Nene Sakite ll Konor of Manya

Krobo to become chief.

The queen mother highlighted the existing legitimate and substantive chief, Piengua Mantse, Nene Tetteh Zogli III, who was duly and customarily installed in 2007, to succeed the late Nene Angmortey Zogli ll, and that the current Piengua Mantse Nene Tetteh Zogli lll has neither abdicated, destooled, nor passed away.

“Our Division does not recognize Mr. Martin Agbega Odjijda, also known as Tettey Akora I, as our chief,” she stated.

Furthermore, the Djasehene confirmed in a letter to the Manya Krobo Traditional Council that the Piengua Dzaase Stool did not enstool the alledged Chief Martin Agbega Odjidja and questioned Nene Sakite ll the Konor, Paramount Chief, and President of the Manya Krobo Traditional Council about the purported installation and swearing of oath.
The Divisional Queenmother Manye Narkwor ll again posited “who or which Kingmakers installed this alledged Piengua Mantse Tettey Akorah l and when?”

“The Stool name in our Division is Zogli; we do not have any Tettey Akora in Piengua Division,” she asserted, urging Martin Odjidja to cease calling himself the chief.

In a related development, a notice has been served to Martin Odjidja to stop holding himself as the chief, warning that performing ceremonies in Yokwenor is at his own risk.

“Nene Tetteh Zogli III of the Zogli Stool is the only Piengua Wetso Matse who can perform ceremonies in Yokwenor aside from the Djase Adua Stool,” the notice stated.

The elders of Piengua have also petitioned the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, and the President of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, Nene Sakite ll, urging them not to register and gazette Martin Agbega Odjija, aka Tettey Akora I, as the Piengua Mantse Divisional Chief of the Piengua Division of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area.

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