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OLAF’s Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah Among 100 Most Outstanding Female Change Makers From Ghana

The Founder and Executive Director of One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF), Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah has been named among 100 most outstanding female change makers from across Ghana by the Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG).

The 100 most outstanding female change makers were selected from humanitarians, media personalities to business women, artists, and political leaders.

Whatsapp Image At Am
Whatsapp Image At Am

This is to celebrate women who are changing the status quo in the Ghana and, in some cases, globally.

They are reshaping history, closing inequalities, and pioneering new avenues of wealth creation and in turn, lifting others with them to make the world a better place.

Among the 100 incredible female change makers on the list are the formidable movers and shakers who continue to use their voices and platforms to champion girls and women’s rights, access to quality education, and economic opportunities.

Joycelyn Siaw-Asamoah, who founded One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF) and has been doing humanitarian work for the past six (6) years, amid challenges has also been recognized.

Speaking to her in an interview she has this to say, “One day God chose me not because I had it all but because I could feel it all. A heart that felt so much but yearned to give much. He also gave the people, people like you to hold my hand and support and I am so grateful. As we all strive to win in love by sharing a bit of ourselves, whether it is in the giving of our time, prayers, wealth, food, medicine, inspiration may we do it so heaven will reap. Thank you all for the support and to the amazing people who nominated and selected me, God bless you.


OLAF is a Non-Governmental Organization that helps children work on their own dreams to create better chances for themselves and be positive images in the world.

It believes that education is power and can empower people to grow into positive generational influences thereby eradicating poverty and other vices that plague communities.

Thousands of children, women and youths around the globe are faced with many harsh realities that undermine their growth and ability to learn and become useful in the communities they live in.

Child trafficking, child labour, violence, loss of family, war, abuse and illiteracy are some of the plagues that affect them in their daily lives, and OLAF was establish to make a change in these fields.

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