Pan-African Village: Litigating Family Facing Threats

Members of the Akoa Anona Family of Amantendo find themselves embroiled in a legal battle over the establishment of a pan-African village in their area, but their fight for justice has taken a terrifying turn as they now face death threats. Despite a court order mandating all parties to halt developmental activities, concerns persist over continued land development.

The Cape Coast High Court, where the case is being heard, recently adjourned proceedings following the submission of the family’s witness statement by their legal counsel. However, despite a previous injunction restraining all parties from further development in the area, the litigating family reports ongoing construction activities by individuals who have purchased land within the disputed zone.

Spokesperson for the family, Kwame Agyin, revealed to Metro News that members of the family have received direct death threats, instilling fear and insecurity among them. Agyin appealed to the court and relevant authorities to enforce the injunction and halt further land development.

The legal dispute stems from the family’s petition to the court last year, contesting the granting of 123 acres of land for the development of a community targeting foreigners with African descent, in line with the Year of Return initiative. The family argues that the Omanhene of Asebu, Okatakyie Amenfi VII, lacked the authority to allocate the land as it rightfully belongs to them.

The ongoing litigation has prompted the government to suspend the official commissioning of the land for its intended purpose. Additionally, local farmers have reported extensive damage to their crops without receiving any compensation, further exacerbating tensions in the community.

As the legal proceedings continue, the Akoa Anona Family remains resolute in their fight to reclaim their land rights and halt the development threatening their livelihoods. However, the escalating threats of violence underscore the urgency for swift and decisive action by the authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved parties.

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